Affordable Fashion: Get the Look for Less

Posted by:3five Inc
There’s nothing quite as satisfying as finding a piece of jewelry that looks like a million bucks, but was in fact the deal of the century. It’s an adrenaline rush. You get this feeling like you want to shout it from the rooftops and let everyone else know about this awesome jewelry deal you got, right? Well we’re here to share a few lux looks for less that you can snag, and either keep to yourself or share with the world! Either way, your secret’s safe with us.  Affordable jewelry just makes sense.

Under 15 Bucks

When shopping at this price point, we recommend picking a statement piece with hardware to make it look more pricey. Our “On the Go Necklace” is made of strands of geometric black circles complete with gold details. A close second to a much pricier version! 

 On the Go Necklace

Under 30 Bucks

The clean simple lines on our “It Takes Two Bracelet” are so timeless, and the gold color make it look chic and expensive. It’s the perfect substitution when you want the classic “Tiffany’s” look without sacrificing rent money.

 It Takes Two Bracelet

Under 40 Bucks

When you’re shopping for something very trendy that may not be around forever, it’s best to not shell out a ton of money for it. Our “Center Stage Necklace” fits the bill. Complete with glitzy rhinestone collar detailing and gold fringe, it hits the target for the trend without being over the top expensive. 

 Center Stage Necklace

Under 50 Bucks

We’re loving this earring comparison, and our “Lapis Point Earrings” really hold their own next to the pricier pick. These oversized geometric drop earrings in rich blue and ivory stones are in a sophisticated color palate that look like a million bucks.

 Lapis Point Earrings

To shop the entire Affordable Fashion Collection, click below, and you grab a piece (or two) of luxury for less!