Charm School: How to Layer Necklaces

Charm School: Lessons in Layering

Ever wonder how to layer necklaces? The beauty of layering is that it allows you to create lots of different looks from just a few pieces of jewelry. Here, we've taken seven of our favorite pieces, to create three very new looks. Having a great collection of necklaces means that not only do you get to enjoy each one on their own, but by layering your necklaces in just the right way, you'll be opening up an infinite possibility of great styles and looks. Plus, you're not limited to a single look in a day. Going straight from the office to happy hour? Add a necklace, and you'll go from professional to fun with the snap of a clasp. Let's take a look at some of our favorite layered jewelry looks. 

Friday Date Night

When it's time to get your flirt on, what better way than to combine bold color and texture. Our Angles Away Necklace takes the class of an art deco silhouette and chic refinement of vintage. Combine this with our playful Making Small Talk Necklace, the neon yellow and gold textured detail will dazzle and shine. Finish the look off with the Wear Everywhere Necklace to take your look to whole other level of style and class. Layering is easy, as all the necklaces have lobster clasps, and he won't know what hit him, but he'll be so glad it did!

Layered chain necklaces

Weekend Brunch

When it's time to spend time with the girls, who doesn't love a leisurely Sunday brunch. Sunday mornings are meant to be kept casual, but add in an element of effortless cool to bring that je ne sais quoi to the table. Nothing says girl next door like our Simplicity Necklace. The gold layered charm necklace with a simple bar and geometric shaped pendant is all about understated beauty. Finish the look off with easy breezy Free Spirit Necklace. This light­weight, gold toned layered charm necklace combines a hamsa and hammered charm pendant with the calming flash of a cobalt beaded bar.

Gold layered necklaces

Black Tie Affair

The life of the party is great, so long as you stay a class act. With these two necklaces you'll be able stack on the bling. Bring the drama and the sophisticated taste at the same time. All eyes will be on you and your Let Your Hair Loose Necklace. The chain and crystal statement says go wild, just enough. Combine it with elegance at its best in the Call the Shots Necklace. This 10k gold plated pearl and crystal statement, let's the room know that you know how to command. Together the necklaces say perfect grace that knows how to get down.

Statement necklace layering

Looking to layer up your looks? Shop our newly created 'Charm School' collection and create some charm of your own - Class Dismissed! 

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