3 Ways to Make a T-Shirt Look Like a Million Bucks!

You know those Instagram posts that perfectly accessorize a white T-shirt? And you've left wondering, how did they do that?! Never fear! We've been there and we're going to show you how to pull off a t-shirt for all your weekend events!

Friday: Happy Hour With The Girls
Styling a Graphic T -7 Charming Sisters


Take your look from the office to happy hour in a flash with a colorful blazer, dark jeans, and of course a statement necklace. Don’t forget to add some chic gold stacking rings! A jacket can instantly transform any t-shirt into a sleek outfit. 

Saturday: Date Night


Finally, you and your boo plan a date night! We understand how hard it is to get away (especially with kids) so this frisky t-shirt look is as easy as it is fun. Pair your graphic tee with a dressy black skirt, sequin jacket, and dark red lipstick. No sequin jacket? No problem! A tucked in t-shirt and skirt and heels will do the trick. Add luscious statement earrings and a dark stoned cuff bracelet for the perfect amount of drama. 

Styling a Graphic T -7 Charming Sisters

Sunday: Brunch


It's our favorite meal! An effortless and stylish ensemble is key to the perfect brunch outfit. Try some dressy flats, printed jeans or leggings, and a crystal statement necklace for a bright and fresh look. Depending on the cut of the shirt, you can tuck it into your pants or leave it out. It's up to you! 

Styling a Graphic T -7 Charming Sisters

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