Forget everything you have ever known about accessorizing, especially those “How Not To Over Accessorize” articles. When you’re walking out the door don’t take a piece off, add a few more! When you can’t decide on one thing, why don’t you just wear them all? Check out our favorite “over accessorized” looks and how to achieve their greatness! Happy accessorizing chicas!


How to Over Accessorize - 7 Charming SistersSometimes a simple outfit is the best canvas a woman can have. A bold tortoise shell necklace pairs perfectly with natural leather and metal bracelets. A few simple gold rings don't hurt! Stay with the elements and you can’t go wrong.


How to Over Accessorize - 7 Charming SistersKimberly, our resident All-American girl, is swooning over this one. Beads on beads is the architectural theme for creating this style. Add some bright and colorful beaded bracelets for a pop of color to this exotic look.  Stay natural with some warm and earthy inspired tassel earrings.

How to Over Accessorize - 7 Charming SistersGet a luscious look without breaking the bank by simply layering the same colorful gem necklace.  Create this effortless chic aesthetic by letting the bottom hang slightly below and you’re done! This also works with similar necklaces that share complementary styles. Kimmie has some great tips on how to layer this season’s hottest necklace trends!

How to Over Accessorize - 7 Charming SistersBracelets, rings and bling, OH MY! When it comes to over accessorizing your arms and fingers, the more the merrier! Opt for bracelets and rings with different shapes and thicknesses to create some delicious arm candy.  Pro tip: Stay with the same metal tones and matching stones and crystals.