Sweater Weather: Accessorizing Tips for Sweaters

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Jewelry Care Guideline for Snagging Jewlery on Clothes

There's nothing worse than having your brand new necklace, bracelet, ring, and, yes, even earrings (don't ask!) catch on your clothing or, even worse, ruin your jewelry. Talk about frightening! With the leaves changing and the temps cooling down, it's time to start bundling up in your fuzzy sweater. But these fall-time vibes also means headaches and the awkward moments when your jewelry decided it has a magnetic atteaction to ALL. OF. YOUR. CLOTHING. We see you, woven wool. We see you. So, you either end up wrestling with your jewelry and clothing (often ruining both in the process) to dislodge the bond between them that's holding you hostage and you vow to never put them together ever again. Hmph. You were just trying to make a fashion statement and showcase your style.

So grab your pumpkin spice latte and settle in as we tackle the problems you may encounter when accessorizing for the cooler months and offer ways to prevent snagging. Finally, we'll be showcasing solutions to make sure it never happens again, so you can get back to getting blingy with it.

How To Keep Jewelry from Snagging on Your Sweaters

It's Snag City during the fall and winter months when we're all trying to pair sweaters and other knitwear -- scarves, gloves, hats -- with our favorite jewelry items and somehow they always latch on often times ruining not only our precious hand-knit scarf from Auntie Cathy, but also our favorite layered necklace or linked bracelet. Since we're never going to stop wearing jewelry, because moving to the Caymen Islands isn't quite an option yet, we still have to succumb to the sweater struggle.

Jewelry Loves to Snag on Your Clothes, Here's How To Prevent ThatScreen Shot 2016-11-06 at 11.39.51 PM.pngHowever, if you must wear jewelry that has a tendency of being clingy to all your clothing, we recommend the following:

Easy Solutions on Keeping Your Fashionable Jewelry from Catching and Tearing Your Favorite Fall SweatersScreen Shot 2016-11-06 at 11.39.51 PM.pngIf using our tricks leaves you with loose ends (literally) and pills, never fear! You don't have to toss aside your favorite sweaters, you can save them by simply grabbing a pair of pliers, bobby pins, or those handy dandy set of tweezers we mentioned earlier to grab ahold of any loose threads and push the thread through on the underside. Finish it up by tying a quick knot and voila!

How To Keep Your Fall Sweaters and Jewelry Snag-Free

Fall Sweaters and Jewelry Love to Snag, Here's How To Stop the Two From Messing With Your Fashion