4 Statement Necklaces to Get You Noticed!

This is not just another jewelry guide type of discussion. We are sharing real wisdom about choosing and wearing fashion jewelry. With the perfect statement necklace, you tend to get noticed, your wardrobe choices suddenly make a lot of sense and really don’t need to accessorize more. Read ahead as we share some of the best necklaces that can help you stay ahead of the fashion curve…

Getting the ‘statement’ perception right

Designed to make a bold impact, eye-catching jewelry pieces can transform any outfit—this is the true definition of a statement piece. It is not supposed to be complemented by other accessories, it does not need to be big and neither should its design be always oversized to grab attention. The key feature of any wardrobe ensemble, a statement necklace should be your highlight of the evening. This is about looking more stunning, an emphasis on a glittering, and stepping into the limelight rather than subtle fashion choices. Vibrantly colored necklaces around your neck are an easy way to have all the style checkboxes ticked.

Here are 4 statement necklaces that cover all nearly all of the jewelry-wearing scenarios, from playful to graceful, dramatic and the more artsy choices.

1. Cluster Pearl Necklace for Classic Grace

Classic combination of sophistication and grace, cluster pearl necklace allows you to step out with perfection. Elegant assortment of pearls exhibits a refined and sumptuous look. Creating a fairy-like appearance, the cluster pearl necklace captures the attention with magnificent charm and dignity. Let that be a focal point in your appearance!

2. Dripping in Luxury Necklace for Unrestrained Opulence

Luxury Necklace

Defined with gunmetal and translucent crystal spike, crystal statement necklace allows you to make a luxe impact. Flaunt the dazzling crystals with a necklace that is high on individuality an exclusivity. Combination of Swarovski crystals and pearls in a scintillating setting, this fashion necklace can transform the most humble evening ensemble into a magnet for compliments!

3. Rhinestone Crystal Necklace with Eternal Vintage Appeal

Rhinestone Crystal Necklace

For an appearance that is glamorous and a step away from what everyone else is wearing, add the vintage crystal necklace to your jewelry collection! Nothing can beat the vintage aura rendered here with utmost simplicity. The antique gold crystal collar necklace with shiny clear crystal rhinestones is a perfect complement to bright shades and saturated tones. This collar grazing vintage necklace is wrapped with layers grace and is worthy to be a part of any evening wear ensemble.

4. Fashionable Fervor Necklace for Upbeat Vibes

Fashionable Fervor Necklace

Fashionable and spirited, some statement necklaces are designed to help you stand out in a crowd. This art deco-inspired green statement necklace with studded crystals and rhinestones wraps around your neck to make an instant impression. With golden finishing and eye-catching teal-colored pendant, this is a true fashion necklace, awaiting a lady to sport it with confidence!

Statement necklaces are now a big part of our growing collection of fashion jewelry for the real, modern women, each piece carefully assembled with love! We understand your styling preferences. We acknowledge that just like unique personalities, fashion sense tends to differ across each individual. This is why we continue to design with an emphasis on being ingenious rather than boringly repeat our bestsellers. Big on novelty, using the widest array of colors, textures, and materials, we continue to reinvent fashion jewelry for every woman out there – from red carpet moments to a playdate, from eveningwear collections to practical pieces for the everyday look at home or work, our sense of style is as real as you!