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We’ve all been there—a fundraiser that turned into a real drag and didn’t come close to accomplishing what you’d hoped it would. Whether it was going door-to-door trying to hock ugly patterns of wrapping paper or organizing a candy or pizza sale, you and your reason for fundraising deserve something far better.


Fun back into Fundraising!

 Let’s put the Fun back into Fundraising!

Since the 7 Charming Sisters are all moms who’ve all had plenty of painful fundraising experiences, we decided to set up an exciting new fundraising solution that puts the fun squarely back into fundraising! Imagine fundraising where there’s no need to leave the comfort of your home… but you get all the excitement of games, videos, and fun times.


Facebook Event page - 7 Charming Sister

Your private event is just an invitation away 

We know that today’s moms (and those who want to surprise them with something special) are much easier to reach online than by going door to door. And because our entire store is on our Facebook page, we’re able to sell directly via your Private Facebook Event page set up exclusively for your fundraiser. That means your participants can order, pay, and arrange for shipping right on your Event page. No cumbersome catalogs, no collecting money and of course, no time-consuming problems for you or your friends. All you have to do is to invite family and friends to go online!


Buying beautiful fashion jewelry

Make your cause unforgettable with products to be proud of

Buying beautiful fashion jewelry that’s affordable for real women isn’t a challenge anymore. Whether for yourself, your wife, or your mom, the 7 Charming Sisters have got it all: pearl jewelry, boho jewelry, transitional jewelry (from day to night), statement jewelry, sparkle and bling jewelry, floral jewelry, and much more!

Started by 7 working sisters, our website has jewelry for absolutely everyone. We offer 7 different jewelry collections based on each of the 7 sisters’ personalities. And to top off any good cause, we have a hand-crafted line made in Virginia by persons with disabilities.


Jewelry Store - fast, trustworthy and efficient shipping

Everything you need to deliver satisfaction

We have distribution taken care of, too. Because we use Amazon to store our merchandise and do all our shipping, your participants will enjoy fast, trustworthy and efficient shipping. 

Every fundraiser will have a private Facebook Event Page that’s shared between 7 Charming Sisters and your organization. Your designated administrator (or two) can then begin inviting friends and family as soon as it’s set up by our Fundraising department. Then all you have to do is promote your event via email and newsletters directing people to the Event page so they can request permission to join the page.

We also have a dedicated online facilitator leading the event the entire time. Your facilitator will be available to answer any questions and at the same time lead the fun. All you have to do is relax and watch the games, giveaways, styling photos, tips, and videos for your event kickoff!

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