5 Must Have Toddler Proof Jewelry Pieces for Mom

Here at 7 Charming Sisters, we clearly love our fashion jewelry. Bring on the statement necklaces, cocktail rings, and fringe earrings. Insert toddler and this can get a little challenging. But it doesn’t have to be if you accessorize with the right pieces. Check out the 5 types of jewelry pieces that are (almost) toddler proof and tested by our own mom tribe!

Chokers and Collar Necklaces. The less room to get their little fingers through a necklace, the better. Avoid a long, layered necklace that can easily be yanked or used as a teething ring!

First Frost Necklace - 7 Charming Sisters


Thicker Chain Jewelry. Stronger metal equals less chance of baby breakage. Avoid delicate chains that can be broken easily. An animal chain link necklace is the perfect addition to any mom outfit!

Purrfectly Programmed Necklace - 7 Charming Sisters


Stud Earrings. We don’t think you really need to experience a dangly earring being yanked. So stick with studs earrings! Also, studs are easy to accessorizing on the go and a staple!

Mums The Word Earrings - 7 Charming Sisters


Bangle Bracelets. They are strong enough to withstand being pulled. Plus, bangles are easy to remove and stow away should your toddler become a little too preoccupied with that “buggie” on your crystal bug bracelet.

Bug Out Bracelet - 7 Charming Sisters

Smooth Rings. This one is for both you and your precious little one. Avoid sharp stones and settings so that you don’t cause any boo-boos and make you feel like the worst mom ever! Save the cocktail rings for date night with the hubby!

Cross Country Ring - 7 Charming Sisters


We'd love to hear what your favorite 7 Charming Sisters toddler proof pieces are! Let us know in the comments below!

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