Learn Why Women Everywhere are Joining the Sisterhood

"Something for every age, stage, and style preference"

Yep, that's us. 

We are thrilled to share this article written about 7 Charming Sisters by one of our favorite bloggers, Empty Nest Blessed

Read on to find out why 7 Charming Sisters is jewelry brand made for women like you! 

Empty Nest and Blessed

I’m excited to introduce you to my new favorite online jewelry retailer! 7 Charming Sisters is the brainchild of seven coworkers. I am just crazy about their interactive and smart website that helps you to pick out the jewelry style that is just right for you.

These seven “sisters,” each with their own distinct tastes, ideas, and even occasions to dress for, share a common goal –

to create fabulous jewelry that reflects their own specific styles that look great on all women.

In addition, this wonderful company has a deep commitment to helping those with disabilities find jobs and they employ several in their own studio who work on commission to create their handcrafted pieces. I just love that.

When you arrive at the 7 Charming Sisters website, you can either take a fun quiz to determine which of the 7 Sisters is the most like you in personality and taste, or you can just read about each sister, browse their personally curated collections, and determine which you prefer. The sisters represent a wide range of women, with wide-ranging looks and styles.

Kimberly, The All-American Girl – Her style is earthy, bohemian, and back-to-nature

Kimmie, The Life of the Party – She loves sparkly rhinestones, and feminine, delicate styles

Donalda, The Social Butterfly – Her collection is bright, fun, and colorful

Jessica, The Sexy Nerd – Her line mixes preppy sophistication with pops of color

Paula, The Executive – Her collection is classic, timeless, and elegant

Sylvia, The Super Mom – She favors neutral, simple and versatile pieces that go with everything

Jennifer, The Fashionista – Her pieces are edgy, trendy, and of-the-moment

When I was in Florida visiting my parents a few weeks ago, I asked my mom to help me pick out a necklace and earrings from 7 Charming Sisters.

We got on and took the style quiz, which was hilarious. It first asks you to define your style, then asks you how you typically spend a Friday night. One of the answers is “At the Club. #shots,” which I had to explain to my mother. LOL

Then it asks you to pick out some jewelry styles you prefer, your TV show preferences (Mom: “Well, ‘family-friendly,’ of course!”), and other things like your drink preferences (Mom: “Classy ladies prefer wine.”), etc. At the end of the quiz, it told me my style was Paula, The Executive, which I thought was pretty accurate as I like a very classic look. It made for a really fun afternoon.

After much consultation with Mom, I ordered the High Society Earrings (asymmetrical, so cool!), and the Skilled and Savvy necklace. When they came, I was impressed with the quality and the way my items were packaged. I know I’ll be wearing these two pieces on repeat this year. If you have trouble pinpointing your style or translating what you like into a specific look, 7 Charming Sisters can help you do just that.



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