Act like a Lady, Think like a Boss

Posted by:7 Charming Sisters

Hey you!  Yeah, you, the fabulous, brilliant one with the face!  I want to let you in on a little secret . . .you can be beautiful, stylish, and one bada** motherf***er!  Whoever said that beauty and brains are exclusive of each other has never met us, right?  Read on, and let’s put them in their place.Accessories For Black Outfit

I would like to start by saying that as women, we are all extremely versatile creatures.  One minute, we can be making deals in the boardroom and the next we can be wiping toddler boogers off our silk blouse, it is all fair game!  That is what makes us so inherently dangerous, our ability to adapt to our surroundings.  Harnessing this versatility can be challenging, but I hope that the tips below will give you a good start!

1.Always be true to yourself.

True To Yourself - 7 Charming SistersI know, I know, who am I, your mother?  I’m telling you, this is one of the most important things you can do for you!  Do not try to make assumptions about who other people want you to be—you will get caught and it will not be pretty!  It may take some time (especially if you are a total b****), but people will come to respect your flavor.  Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s awesome—you can quit pretending you liked them!  Respect is more important than admiration; especially in business, Honey.

2.Pick a supportive partner (or supportive BFF!  Or both!)

Easier said than done, huh?  It doesn’t have to be that way!  You obviously aren’t going to be able to test out your potential BFF before you pick them (unless you have invented time travel, in which case, hook a sister up!)  However, you should have a general understanding that they respect you as both a person and a woman.  How do I know this, you ask?  Does your partner or BFF get to know important people and things in your life?  +1 point.  Does he or she demean or belittle your aspirations or passion for hobbies or your career? -5 points.  Do they come to work functions with you?  +1 point.  And do they actually participate and have a great time? +2 points.  Okay, you get the idea!  If you got 4 points, you picked a real keeper!  If you got less than zero points, kick that deadbeat to the curb!

3.Dress the part

Listen, as much as some try to fight this fact, image is a huge factor in getting what you want out of life.  If someone tells you that your resume wasn’t thrown in the trash because you came to the interview in ripped jeans and seventeen facial piercings they are lying to every single one of those holes in your face!  Jewelry for Pink and Black OutfitUnless, of course, you are pursuing a job as a tattoo artist or professional piercer, which again, can you please hook a sister up?  Just kidding, Paula. The way that you dress says so much about who you are, so let’s reiterate: Always be true to yourself.  If you can’t stand the thought of shimmying into a dress, rock those fierce ankle pants, girl!  If you are super girly, show everyone that you don’t have to wear the pants, to wear the pants.  If you are into Comic-Con, check out all the great outfits from this awesome chick (Source: TheNerdyGirlie).  Whatever your style, you can let it shine while still looking polished and professional. 

Accessories and colors are an awesome way of showing the real you, even if you can’t rock your favorite sweatpants and T-shirt to work.  Add your favorite 7 Charming Sisters statement necklace or sparkly earrings to a neutral pant suit and you are sizzling!  Rock some funky printed pants with a plain blouse and shoes—have fun with it!  I have included some looks that inspire me, hopefully this will encourage you to embrace whatever freak flag you got flying!

Well, there you have it, folks!  Follow these tips (I mean really apply them to your life, this is not a three day cleanse!), and I guarantee that you will see results!  If nothing else, these will help to build the confidence you need to ask for that raise, or promotion, or company Ferrari (too far?).  I will keep the tips coming because I want us all to be the bosses we were meant to be.