Affordable Fashion: Top 40 Under $40

Every good outfit needs a POC. What’s that you ask? Pop. Of. Color. And Summer shopping is all about scouting those bold and playful accessories in a variety of shades, without breaking the bank of course. Well, we rounded up our top 40 favorite colorful picks under $40 for affordable jewelry that pack a punch while still having money left over for that summer road trip with the girls. Here we go!  


Paint the Town Red

Check out our “Red Madrid Necklace” made of edgy red spikes on a thin gold chain. And with it only being $39.99, you have cash left over to score these adorable red sandals with yellow and beige tassels. A red hot combo!Red Madrid Necklace With Red Sandals

Tangerine Dream

Orange is the new black this season, and our bold salmon orange bib necklace, “The Playmaker Necklace,” features faceted geometric pendant drops that are the perfect balance of glitzy and demure. And for $26.99 you may as well buy a pretty orange handbag to match, right? Yes.

The Playmaker Necklace With Orange Handbags

Hello Yellow

This color is anything but mellow, and with these fabulous picks it’s hard to feel happier when you put them on. We’re wild for our electric neon yellow statement necklace with a large gold chain. This “Making Small Talk Necklace” is bold and playful and sure to be the perfect pop of color to any outfit.

Making Small Talk Necklace With Yellow Bag

Green Light

We’re going gaga over these gorgeous affordable accessories in emerald, turquoise and mint. Our statement “Wow the Crowd Necklace” will do just that with rich turquoise agate stones wrapped in gilded gold for the perfect bohemian-meets-glam accessory. And for only $39.66, so we think you need to buy this chic emerald bucket bag to match. 


Wow the Crowd Necklace and Emerald Bucket Bag


True Blue

We love blue, whether it’s cobalt, cerulean, sky, electric, pastel or navy. And for summer it’s the perfect shade to keep you looking cool. We’re loving the drama of our “Fringe of Fancy” earrings. These crystal blue geometric statement drop earrings are a little retro with a touch of glamour. Pair these with this electric blue clutch, and you have the perfect match for any formal event!


Fringe of Fancy Earrings and Electric Blue Clutch


No Shrinking Violet

Play with lavender, purple, and fuchsia this summer for the perfect pop of color. You’ll get tons of compliments in our “Networking Ring,” a super cool gold amethyst statement ring with a purple diamond shaped pendant wrapped atop a gold plated metal band. Pair it with this chic lavender crossbody handbag for a lovely pastel combination.

Amethyst Statement Ring and Lavender Crossbody Handbag

Ticked Pink

This shade is feminine, with a side of fun and flirtatious. We’re swooning for our “Pastel Partnership Necklace,” a sparkly statement bib necklace with blush and crystal rhinestones for a soft and sweet statement.

Under 40 Bucks Pastel Partnership Necklace


Black Magic

Black can be chic all year round, so don’t worry if you’re just not into rocking bright vibrant colors. Pair black with gold and you have a winning combination, like our “Werk It Ring.” It’s a geometric double-ended black triangle ring with a rose gold plated band. We think it would be perfect with this black leather tote complete with large gold chain. Tres chic! 

Under 40 Bucks Werk It Ring

Creme de la Cream

Summer is the perfect opportunity to rock white, ivory and cream accessories with a bright outfit. And our “Business in the Front Necklace” is anything but plain. This fabulous statement bib necklace is accented with crystals and ivory stone floral pendants, which is a perfect addition to anything from a tee to a cocktail dress.

Business in the Front Necklace Under 40 Bucks


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See something you like?  Shop the full rainbow below:

Row 1: Red

  1. Turban Style Headband, Zara
  2. Red Madrid Necklace, 7 Charming Sisters
  3. Nandy Fringe Wedge Sandal, Nordstrom Rack
  4. Acceptance Speech Necklace, 7 Charming Sisters

Row 2: Orange/Yellow

  1. The Playmaker Necklace, 7 Charming Sisters
  2. Mini City Bag, Zara
  3. Sunny Disposition Earrings, 7 Charming Sisters
  4. Women's Reversible Tote Handbag, Target
  5. Making Small Talk Necklace, 7 Charming Sisters

Row 3: Green

  1. Caymen Mini Bucket Bag, Nordstrom Rack
  2. Emerald Isle Earrings, 7 Charming Sisters
  3. Pact Pump, Nordstrom Rack
  4. Wow the Crowd Necklace, 7 Charming Sisters
  5. Faux-Leather Double-Strap Sandals, Old Navy

Row 4: Blue

  1. Standout Among the Crowd Necklace, 7 Charming Sisters
  2. Mini Bowling Bag, Zara
  3. Dare to Wear Necklace, 7 Charming Sisters
  4. Lizzie Envelope Clutch, Nordstrom Rack
  5. Fringe of Fancy Earrings, 7 Charming Sisters

Row 5: Purple

Row 6: Pink

  1. Tahiti Earrings, 7 Charming Sisters
  2. Genesis Leather Wristlet, Nordstrom Rack
  3. Hot Pink Faux Suede Single Strap Heels, 29 Under
  4. Pastel Partnership Necklace, 7 Charming Sisters
  5. Slouchy Hobo Handbag, Overstock

Row 7: Black

  1. Pinchi Sunglasses, Aldo
  2. Fringe with Benefits Necklace, 7 Charming Sisters
  3. Masika Handbag, Call it Spring
  4. Werk It Ring, 7 Charming Sisters
  5. Cleo Scalloped Sandal, Nordstrom Rack

Row 8: White

  1. Madonna Ring, 7 Charming Sisters
  2. Kelly & Katie Lasercut Clutch, DSW
  3. Business in the Front Necklace, 7 Charming Sisters
  4. White Fringe Sandals, Old Navy
  5. Polar Pomp N Circumstance Earrings, 7 Charming Sisters