Beauty Notes: Fashionista Jenn Shares Beauty Advice

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Jenn Beauty adviceWe interviewed our very own fashionista, Jenn, on all things makeup to find out what her best beauty advice is, what she always keeps in her purse, and which sister she would actually trust to do her make up. She also shares her favorite DIY weekly skin treatment that is cheap and effective. 

You're stranded on an island - you're allowed to take one makeup product with you. What is it?

If I'm stranded on an island does it really matter? Haha. If I had to pick one product,  I would go with foundation.  This can conceal and moisturize if you have the right type. 

What beauty product do you never leave home without?

I always keep a few lipsticks in my purse. I don’t wear lipstick daily but, I always carry it. I have used it before on my cheeks and as eyeshadow, sometimes you just need to improvise.   I have Smashbox, Kat Von D and Urban Decay in my purse right now but have only worn lipstick maybefive times in the past month. 

Describe your beauty regimen.

I don't have really have a daily regimen, because every night is different.  Some nights I even don't wash my face before bed (I know, I know, that's terrible for my skin).

I mostly follow the same morning regimen:

  • I wash with an oil-free cleanser (Neutrogena; cheap and effective) then rinse with warm water. Twice a week I get 2 tablespoons of water and 2 tablespoons of sugar and mix. I rub this on my face and then rinse with cold water. Recently I started to do this for my lips as well but I use olive oil and sugar.
  • After washing my face I use Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst. Quick eyebrow check and now it’s time for a little makeup.
  • I use Bye Bye Under Eye by "It Cosmetics" as a concealer to cover blemishes and under eye circles, followed by NYX setting powder. I then apply Kat Von D Lock-It foundation in light 44. I top that with Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting powder, in Light Medium. 
  • For my eyes, I use Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara and eyeliner products daily.

What makeup or beauty advice application can you give.

No makeup can give you perfect skin, that comes from what you eat and drink, and I don't drink nearly enough water, yikes. Also, don’t over do it!

Do you follow any makeup or beauty gurus on social media that you would recommend?

I totally love Kat Von D and her style.

Which sister do you trust to do your make up?

Probably only Kimmie, haha. I have a particular style and I feel she gets me the most and knows what I would and would not like.

Do you have a signature 'look' that you try to accomplish when you do your makeup?

I do love a nice full eyebrow but I can never accomplish this look when I’m doing my own makeup. The most important thing for me is making sure I have concealed any dark circles under my eyes, added a little brow shadow and mascara on my lashes.  The other stuff, I don't really stress about.

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