Can You Guess the Look for Less?

Posted by:3five Inc

You get what you pay for? We beg to differ! How about looking like a million bucks without having to spend that kind of money, or without even having to spend a fraction of that? Here are four looks that will have you showing off the season's hottest trends or tapping into the most timeless classic elegance, each for under $50.  Can you guess the look for less?Affordable Fall Jewelry -- Crystal Gold Bangle Bracelet

  1. For over $150, you can get the season's hottest look, with a crystal gold bangle bracelet designed to be worn on the middle of the forearm. But how about paying less than $35 instead for our On Display Bracelet? That will leave you with plenty left over to find the perfect gold bangles to layer it with, and still have lots left for a night on the town to show off your fabulous bejeweled arms.Affordable Fall Jewelry -- Vintage Blue and Silver Crystal Earrings
  2. There's nothing as timeless as vintage blue and silver crystal statement earrings, and for about $300, you can get a pair made of stunning crystal teardrop pendants wrapped with wings of crystals in a shade of enigmatic blue. Or you can add to the air of mystery, in leaving everyone wondering how you always look so elegant, when you get our Blue Moon Earrings for under $40.Affordable Fall Jewelry -- Silver Chain Necklace and Blue Crystal Fringe
  3. We can't all take home the pay of Fortune 500 CEOs, but we can feel like we do. Whether you're commanding the boardroom or the living room, there's no better look to do it in than this stunning mix of masculine and feminine. With a sturdy silver chain that demands a respect and mixed metal blue crystal fringe that says refined sophistication, whoever said you can't have it all, never met you. And you could have it for just under $500, but the business savvy lady that you are knows how to drive a hard bargain. And this one's a no-brainer when you buy our Fortune 500 Necklace for under $50.Affordable Fall Jewelry -- Angular Vintage Gold Necklace with Rhinestone
  4. We love the art deco silhouette. Nothing gets attention quite like a $500 statement piece that combines an angular vintage gold bib necklace with rhinestone detailing. Nothing except spending less than $50 for the same geometric look with our Angles Away Necklace.

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