Gray and Gold: The Perfect Compliment to Rose Quartz

You may already know by now that Pantone’s color of the year is Rose Quartz. Think pale pink with flair and you've got Rose Quartz. It’s soft, calming, and has a variety of matching options.  Rose Quartz is making it’s rounds on the Spring color must have list in nearly every major fashion outlet.  Jewelry retailers have responded with pushes of Rose Quartz jewelry. We could have done that but we decided to go in a different direction. 


Why fit in when you were born to stand out? 


Right Dr. Seuss? Anyways, back to fashion…

We are pleased to announce a different approach to the Color of the Year craze. 

Our collection of gray and gold jewelry, aptly titled ‘Shades of Gray and Gold’ is a sexy nod at color matching the year’s most popular color.  Grey and gold hues are the perfect pair for the newly released Rose Quartz.  

We have curated several looks that incorporate these ‘in-now’ shades. Let’s take a look at some of our picks. 

Work Chic: 7 Charming Sisters Hearts are Gonna Break bracelet; 7 Charming Sisters Kindness Matters necklace; 7 Charming Sisters Zoe ring; Skagen Denmark Anne-Marie Flab Clutch in Oatmeal; 7th Avenue Design Studio Pant in Pink Moments;  7th Avenue Design Studio Scalloped Lace Top; Studded Thong Sandal 

Bracelet & Necklace for WorkplaceZoe ring With grey Handbag

Pretty in Pink: 7 Charming Sisters Call a Family Meeting Jewelry Set; Lucky Brand Zavrina Cutout Booties in Incense; 7th Avenue Jacket in Pink Moments; Soho Jeans 7th Avenue Design Studio Draped Tee; Chain-Link Sunglasses 

Family Meeting Jewelry SetPink Jacket & Blue Necklace

A Formal Affair: 7 Charming Sisters Rock Hard earrings; 7 Charming Sisters Medieval Magic ring; La Regale Stone Satin Clutch; Eva Mendes Party Collection Sadie Dress; Pointed Toe Pump Nude

Medieval magic Ring For Formal Affairs Rock Hard Earrings - 7 Charming Sisters