How do you Make a Statement?


How do you make a statement?

No really - Have you ever stopped and asked yourself this question? Go ahead  — let it marinate, swish it around a little. Truthfully, there’s not just one answer to this question.  You can make a statement in a variety of ways including impacting your community, raising children, wearing your favorite statement necklace (we had to!) or showing gratitude toward others and living your values through and through each and every day. We wanted to learn more about our friends and FABulous squad of supporters on how they are making their own statement in the world. We had the pleasure of speaking to several of them about their life, passions, and how THEY make a statement. 

Here’s what they had to say...


Boho Vibes.

First up, meet Kristie. Her mantra (and we can SO get behind this one): "Kindness is Always Fashionable." YES!

“I truly believe that kindness is something you can ‘wear,’" Kristie wrote to us in an email. "A simple smile can change the outlook of someone’s entire day."

To Kristie, making a statement is making an impact whether that’s supporting someone, sharing your story or Kristie - Blue Statement Necklaceproviding a memorable service. She too agrees, there is no limit to how and what makes a statement. As for jewelry, this Virginia transplant prefers the boho vibe much like our sister Kimberly, the Girl Next Door. She adores looks that layer and cannot get enough of blue in all its hues: teal, tiffany, cobalt, sapphire you name it, she loves it. Which explains why her statement selection was our Breathtaking Beneficiary necklace that offers the layered look and gives us a spectrum blues.  

Kristie is pictured to the right wearing one of our favorite, blue crystal statement necklaces.  Like many of us ladies these days, Kristie wears many hats (they all fit so well!) from raising her two energetic boys to chase their dreams to teaching photography and graphic design students to do the same, this woman clearly knows how to make a statement. In fact, after owning her photography business for six years, she’s recently opened her boutique photography studio to offer another service to her clients new and loyal. What makes this her dream job? It combines all the things she adores all in one place: fashion, art, photography, and teaching. Also, her portrait photos of families and graduates are STUNNING. You can learn more about Kristie's work HERE


Subtle Chicness.

Next up, meet Curvy CEO. No, that’s not her real name, that’s her Internet pseudonym because this D.C. woman likes to keep her professional career as a lobbyist/lawyer on lock while still being able to mix and mingle as an aspiring it-girl in the evening.

No Less than Perfect statement necklaceFor this Sexy Nerd, who oozes passion for fashion, society and culture, she believes to truly make a statement, you don’t need to use words. It’s all about how you present yourself to the world. From your posture to your ensemble, people form impressions instantly. How true it is. The words that come out of your mouth, while ultimately important, are secondary. Pictured to the right, she is rocking our No Less than Perfect statement necklace. How fitting? She looks no less than perfect, doesn't she?  

When it comes to Curvy CEO’s style she said, “I ‘stay ready’ so I don’t have to ‘get ready.’” For her, it’s all about exuding power and confidence in a "subtle chic” way which is why she adores the styling of First Lady Michelle Obama and Princess Kate Middleton — the better halves of the worlds' top power couples. However, when it comes to accessories: the bigger the better. To snazz up a simple black dress she prefers a statement necklace that really packs a punch. “Being a plus size woman I like my accessories to be plus size,” she said. For more on how she likes to accessorize with statement necklaces check out her corner of the Internet right HERE. Look through her entire website for style tips and and fashion recomendations.  


Simply Colorful.

Meet Lisa, she’s an entrepreneur, wife and mother to two youngsters. She has this cool sense of calm and a downright positive attitude that lends this sexy nerd to have a bit of a bohemian babe in her simple accessory style with bold pops of color. Lisa Pink Boho Babe Statement EarringsWe’re LOVING these pink Boho Babe statement earrings on you, Lisa! These pink hoop earrings (pictured left) are EVERYTHING!  

When it comes to making a statement she makes them every day through her t-shirt design business, District Line Co., a locally-theme t-shirt company that has been known to design a shirt or two around some of our favorite go-getter women like Jackie-O, Lisa’s favorite style icon. There’s just something classic, yet eye-catching and pulled together about Jackie O’s look that we can’t get enough of either. 

She also gets involved in her local entrepreneurial community in Northern Virginia by supporting other women entrepreneurs as they have supported her by being a “FemLeader” for Femworking, a networking organization for rockstar business women who are launching their own biz or are continuing to grow it. #BossLadies.

“I’m blown away at the amazing, creative women here and what they are doing to impact their own lives as well as their communities,” Lisa said.

When asked what advice she had for other women she said, “Find out what drives you, what you're passionate about, what makes you truly happy, then follow it. Life's too short to do the things other people have laid out for you.”


Impactful Elegance.

Say hello to Suzi! Suzi is a single mama with three children (ages 14, 18, and 20) who follows Mosaic necklace - 7 charming Sistersthe mantra “life is not about the destination; it’s about the journey” and what a journey Suzi has been on already! She loves to step out of her comfort zone and try new things including checking tandem skydiving off her “50 before 50” list. You go girl!  For Suzi making a statement is about the leaving a positive impression with those you come in contact with — always. Now that is a statement we can support.  Suzi strikes an equal balance between giving herself to others professionally as a Clinical Liaison and personally as a mom and caregiver to her father AND giving herself time to recharge on her own. Basically, she's superwoman.  

“Life is short, this is not a dress rehearsal," said Suzi. “Sure, we all have responsibilities, but every day you should find time for something that makes you smile — that’s just for you — even if it’s just 10 minutes of listening to music on the drive home.” YES! We are pro-car concerts to let loose, hone in and recharge your batteries. Why? So you can continue to make impacts, statements and spread that kindness to those you encounter.  

Suzi is pictured to the right wearing our Mosaic Market necklace. This neckalce is the perfect blend of Spring beauty and statement boldness.  


In Closing...

So whether you’re making a statement by cracking a grin at passersby, sporting a stunning statement necklace that strikes up conversations, or giving back to your community please remember to be kind to yourself, to take time for yourself so you can keep on being FABulous!

Inspired to make a statement? Need to dial up your dazzle? Want to shop the looks you've seen in this blog?