How to Untangle a Necklace

It's the Summer. Time for traveling, seeing family, and letting loose. The LAST thing you want is to get all tangled up...It's so frustrating when you get to your travel destination, unpack your bags and see the jewelry you had packed is in a tangled knot.

Fear not! 

Check out our 40 second YouTube video on how to untangle jewelry. Looking for a step-by-step guide? See below for how we accomplished a knot-free look that keeps us cool all Summer! 

1. Lay the Jewelry Flat on a Clean Surface 

2. Add a Drop of Baby Oil or a Spray of Baby Powder (Not Both!) to the Knott 

3. Pull the Knot Carefully with a Needle 

4. Pull Chain by Chain until the Knot is Out

5. Rinse the Jewelry with Water 

6. Pat Dry 

Do you have any other tips for untangling jewelry? Leave us a comment below. Check out our other blog on how to pack jewelry to decrease tangling! 

Thanks for reading!