I hate shopping and that’s why I love 7 Charming Sisters

I’m just going to put it all out there... 


I’m a fashion blogger, ‘how is it possible that you hate shopping?’ you might ask. 

Well, first and foremost, I’m a mom. A very busy, working mom who is on a budget. 

I hate going places I don’t have to
I hate spending money I don’t have 

Y’all can relate, right? 

Well that’s why I have to tell you about 7 Charming Sisters. So I found 7 Charming Sisters a while ago. I was drawn to their mission of helping others and their body positive campaigns. 

But let’s be real, if it’s not easy and affordable, I wouldn’t really give a crap about the other stuff. 

So that’s why... 


Their jewelry is affordable and I’m able to check off everyone on my list in one place!

Their holiday shop is awesome - All the gifts I need, on one page. And the best part? I can do it all online from the comfort of my PJs with a glass of wine in hand. 

Check out their Holiday Shop for discounts, steals, and best of all, their personal assistant shopping service

For those of us that hate shopping, this is the Holy Grail of retail deals. Find fabulous gifts for under $10 AND have someone do it for me? 

I’m so in…

Kick back, relax, and have the sisters go to work for you. I did and it’s made my holiday season less stressful. 

Join me, won’t you? 

Holiday Shop for discounts - 7 Charming Sisters

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