I tried the Personal Assistant Service, here's what happened

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As a busy mom of three young children, I’m always pressed for time. 

In an effort to lighten my load, I tried the 7 Charming Sisters Personal Assistant Click n’ Done Shopping Service. The holidays are right around the corner and I wanted something to help me get ready. 

Here’s my Personal Assistant review and detailed account of the good and the (not so) bad. 

But first, grab a discount!

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Using the Assistant 

The website is a cinch to use, both for initial signup and for submitting your shopping list. You simply email your list to PersonalAssistant@7charmingsisters.com - Check out their easy to follow template on their directions page

I got a same day email back with items for everyone on my list already in a shopping cart. I was given some options and was able to easily remove the items from the cart that I didn’t love. The whole process took a few minutes. 

Shipping Cost

Shipping is free with orders over $25

Delivery Time

Once I processed my order, I received my gifts in 2 days. 

Assistant Selections 

My Personal Assistant was April and I think she did a perfect job selecting my items! I gave her very little info and she knocked it out of the park and kept me under budget. I approved everything they picked out except one bracelet. I requested they pick a different one and within 10 minutes, I had a new cart emailed to me.

What Came in Click n’ Done Order?

I requested 4 gifts for my neighbor and children’s teachers. I received 3 bracelets and 1 necklace. I’ve listed the products I received below:

Family First Silver Bracelet: This beauty was only $7 and is just perfect as a gift for a teacher! 

Always Sharp Festive Bracelet: This was a real show stopper! And at $17 dollars, I may order another for myself! 

Feel the Love Crystal Bracelet: This one was $7 as well, I can't believe the quality is so high for only 7 bucks. 

Free Spirit Necklace: This boho inspired necklace will be a hit - and at only $7, its the perfect gift! 

Would I Order Again?

Yes, hands down, I’d do it again and again. I was so surprised that my Personal Assistant was able to get my gifts taken care of for me. Talk about a time saver.

My recommendation would be that 7 Charming Sisters make this service available all year long and not just for the holidays. I can see using this service for teacher appreciation week as well as birthdays. 

Give it a try and use my code for a sweet discount. @ me on twitter and let me know how your Personal Assistant does on your shopping list! 


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About the Author: Amber Engle is a mommy and lifestyle blogger. She has three children under 5 years old and keeps her sanity by writing and doing yoga. She has been featured on Redbook.com and ScaryMommy.com - Follow her on twitter @xMommy_Talesx