I tried the Super Mom collection, here's what happened...

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When it comes to my style, you might call it Target Chic. What’s french for ‘Whatever is on Sale’?

Tout ce qui est en vente

Yes, whatever that is, that’s my style (Everything just sounds so much fancier in French). 

In short, I don’t think about fashion that much. I think about work, my family and what I’m going to make for dinner this evening. That’s about it. Oh, I LOVE the NBC TV show ‘This is Us’. Is anyone else totally obsessed with that show? Anyways, I digress. 

The Bottom Line
If it fits and looks good, it works for me and I move on 
Super Mom Collection - 7 charming Sisters

When it comes to finding something to wear there are an insane amount of options. I’m a total Amazon Prime addict so I tend to purchase from there or online stores. There is just something about going inside a store and walking around for an hour with a toddler that gives me heartburn. 

I’m fine shopping on my couch, thank you very much…

So a friend of mine told me about 7 Charming Sisters and I have to admit, I was reluctant at first. I don’t like buying from online brands that I don’t know anything about. I’m worried it won’t look right or it will be different from their website images. 

I read a little bit about their story… 

      Women Owned Business - Nice! 

      Featured in O Magazine - Very cool!

      All jewelry is between $7-$47 - Now you're talking!

      Partners with Amazon and orders arrive in 2-days - Wait, what? I’m SOLD!

So now I’m totally hyped up. Affordable jewelry that can get here fast and I don’t have to argue with the teenagers working at Charming Charlie. Could it be? An accessory brand for adults? 

I Think I Just Found My Favorite New Jewelry Store

So I took the style quiz (which is hilarious by the way). 7 simple questions and I was matched as the ‘Super Mom” - Really? 

I didn’t think giving my son cereal for dinner made me very super. 

I then read this awesome blog they wrote about the importance of being true to yourself and how every mom is super, even moms to non-human babies. I’m all for inclusion so this sentiment resonated with me. 

So the Super Mom Collection - What’s it all about? 

I’m loving the pieces in this collection. Most of the pieces were selected to match with the other pieces. The benefit here is when you buy from this collection, you can continue to purchase future add ons and it will match what you already have.

Easy, right?

These ladies really thought of everything when they put this collection together! 

It’s casual, interchangeable, and simple. I don’t like a lot of flashy stuff so this collection was definitely a home run for me. My favorite piece is the ‘Is it Naptime, Yet?’ bracelet.

So first off, the name is adorable. Is it naptime? Yes, please! 

Second, it’s such an easy casual style I can wear it anywhere. 

Super Mom Bracelet

And yes, I’m wearing mismatching slippers and yoga pants in the picture. 

That’s what this collection and 7 Charming Sisters is all about - acceptance and being yourself. 

Want to try it yourself? Head over to the style quiz or jump straight to the Super Mom collection by clicking HERE


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