Jamie Brewer Interview

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We were thrilled (and honored) to interview Jamie Brewer, star of American Horror Story and the first model with Down Syndrome to walk in New York Fashion Week. Jamie is 7 Charming Sisters first Celebrity Brand Ambassador and has her own jewelry collection, selected by Jamie herself.

Check out our full interview below! 

How did you get into modeling?

Katie Driscoll has a campaign called ‘Changing the Face of Beauty’ and she sent Carrie Hammer, Fashion Designer, a letter about the need for having a role model for her daughter in the fashion industry. Carrie Hammer has her ‘Role Models Not Runway Models’ fashion show during NY Fashion Week. Carrie reached out to Katie, and Katie reached out to my agent at KMR. I was honored that Carrie asked me to walk in her ‘Role Models Not Runway Models’ fashion show.


You’ve worked on a lot over your career, what project has been your favorite and why?

I think my favorite so far was ‘Adelaide(Addy)’ in the first season of American Horror Story. ‘Adelaide’ was a unique girl who just happened to have Down Syndrome, like myself.  I loved that she was able to see and communicate with ghosts.


Do you ever get used to being a celebrity?

I really don’t see myself as a celebrity. I’m just Jamie! I love that I’m able to use my college experience in the work that I do.


What would you tell your 12 year old self?

I would tell my 12 year old self, to learn as much as you can from everything and everyone around you.  Smile! It’s contagious, when you smile others will smile and be happy also.  Be in the ‘Now’ everyday!


What projects are you currently working on?

I don’t’ know if you have heard, but I’m going to be in a New York Off-Broadway play called ‘Amy and The Orphans’, in January 2018.  I’m so excited!! Also, ‘Snow Moon Cinderella Chronicles’ where I play a fairy named ‘Aurora’ is getting ready to start production.


What do you do when you’re not working?

I do a lot of reading and writing. Play with my new Mini-Yorkie puppy!  And I also love going to the movies!


You’re a role model.  What advice do you have for people who look up to you? 

Believe in yourself! If you believe in yourself than others will believe in you as well.  Try to be inspired everyday and YOU inspire others everyday as well!


There a a lot of freaky things that happen AHS – Have you had anything paranormal or creepy ever happen to you in real life?

I wish!!  I love ghosts and the paranormal!  I try to always go on the ghost tours in different cities that I am visiting, just hoping to have some encounter.


As you know, we are dedicated to empowering people with disabilities. You are a fierce advocate as well. Can you tell our readers why you feel this is an important cause? 

I feel that it’s important for everyone’s voices to be heard. Some people may not be able to express it themselves and they may need someone to advocate.  I believe that voices are empowering.


You’ve described people with disabilities as differently-abled.  Can you explain what you mean by that to our readers?

I believe that people are not disabled. Some people may do things differently than others: like eating, walking, talking, playing, or learning. That doesn't mean that they can’t do it, it just means that it might have taken them a little longer to learn to be able to do things or they learned it in a different way. Everyone is different, and everyone is able to do things no matter who you are, to me that is differently-abled.


What is your must have accessory?



You’ve created a collection with 7 Charming Sisters – What was your inspiration for this collection and why did you select the pieces you did?

I read the names of the jewelry and looked at the styles. I like the meanings of the names, and the simple designs of the pieces in my collection. I like jewelry that is dainty, but makes a bold statement.


What is your favorite piece from your collection?

The one piece so far, I love and wear a lot are the ‘Chain Your Look Earrings’!


Did you take our style quiz? If so, which ‘sister’ are you?

Yes, I did! I’m a lot like ‘Melissa – SUPER MOM’


Check out Jamie's full collection HERE