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Who doesn’t enjoy a pop culture quiz — provided it’s short and doesn’t make you work very hard, of course? The Internet is full of such quizzes, some of them just one line and the sillier, the better. Here are a few we gleaned from the Web, and no, we didn’t make them up:

“Let us guess your favorite Game of Thrones Character based on your favorite Taylor Swift picture.”

            If I’m not Tyrion Lannister, I don't want to know.

“These 5 questions will determine what percentage of virgin you are.”

            Wasn’t aware there were different percentages of virgin…You have my attention.

“How obsessed with Nutella are you?”

            There is only one answer. Very.

Fun, aren’t they? We wanted to get in on the action so we developed a lighthearted, personality-based Jewelry Style Quiz. Before we go any further, we want you to pause and take our super short quiz HERE. Scroll down after you take the quiz.

Seriously, take it. We will wait.....


We won’t go anywhere. The quiz opens in a new window. 


(Jeopardy waiting music)


Okay, we will trust that you took our Jewelry Style Quiz. We wanted to develop a fun, quick way to identify which of the seven bejeweled Charming Sisters your style would match. Of course, picking which jewelry you like is important to our quiz, but we wanted our fans to also find out which sister was most like them in personal style. Think of it as which sister you would want to spend an afternoon with. Let’s go over the quiz results.

SPOILER ALERT - We are going to be talking quiz results. But since you already took the quiz, you don't have to worry about that, right? (NOW is your chance to take the quiz before we talk results - quick, go now. No one will know you didn’t take it above, you rebel you...keep scrolling down.)





Paula - Classy Chick: If you got this result, you obviously have taste. Silver and Crystal Necklace for Classy girlsYou have a timeless look that transcends passing fads. You’ll likely be out to a nice dinner on a Friday night, drinking scotch or something on the rocks. TV? No thanks. You’ve got more important things to do. Some of your favorite colors are tan and black, and you opt for jewelry that looks tasteful and valuable. Think elegance with an edge and you’ll have our resident Classy Chick.

Kimmie - Life of the Party: The Life of the Party line is always a good time. This line is feminine, glittery and sparkly combined with a side of fun. On anyDelicate Crystal Pendant Necklace given evening, you’ll be hanging out with friends at a social event. You don’t watch much TV, but when you do, it’s likely reality, trashy TV like the Real Housewives. An ideal situation would be watching with a glass of wine in hand. Your favorite colors sparkle and are typically your girly pinks and purples. Can you bring the party with you wherever you go? Sure. You're the life of the party.

Jessica - Sexy Nerd: If your score marks you as the Sexy Nerd, you are a fabulous conundrum, aren't you? You like primary, bright colors and styles that drip with preppy sophistication that is perfect for the boardroom or office. Think sophistication with flair. You work…HARD and the work is usually never done. In terms of TV, you like drama but you also like to laugh. For you, liquor straight up is where it’s at.

Jenn - Fashionista: Bold. Bold. Bold. You don't Large Silver Bib Necklacereally care about what everyone else is wearing. You are hip to fashion trends but you’re a maverick when building your own style. While you’ll often stand out in a crowd, you’ve got a refined side and enjoy travel and the finer things in life - Anyone up for going to the ballet in Rome? Your favorite colors are black and black (did we say black) and are typically funky and sharp edges. TV? It depends on your mood but you are constantly seeking shows that highlight the latest trends, styles, and fashions so that you can put your own spin on them.

Donalda - Social Butterfly: If you got this result, you are into bright and bold, fun colors and glamorous patterns. You can work a room easily and love to be noticed. On a Friday night, you may be at club love or another fun establishment. Really, wherever the fun is, you'll be there. You love a good laugh, so sitcoms are definitely for you. Drink of choice? Oh, honey, it will be something fruity for sure. You are one of those people who call out ‘what’s good’ at a bar (any opportunity to strike up a conversation). Purple is your color. Period.

Melissa - Super Mom: We like to think of all of our moms as super Long Silver Necklace - 7 Charming Sistersmoms, but if you got this result, you’re extra super. Family is your center and everything you do revolves around it, including your style. You have to have transitional pieces that can move easily from work to school settings. You spend a lot of time with family, so sporting events and, yes, even Netflix marathons are for you. When you have time for TV, you are watching family-friendly programming or competitions.

Kimberly - Girl Next Door: The girl next door is nice, helpful, and definitely has a boho look about her. You're casual, low-key, and totally down to earth. Your drink of choice? A beer, of course, and you'll drink it at home with your favorite people during a good Netflix marathon. You love earthy, natural colors like green and tan.GIrl Next door Necklace

Voice from the Crowd: But wait, now that I've read all the results, I think one of the other sisters matches me better than the result I got.

That’s no problem! You are probably a combination of several sister styles, and our quiz got the one that matched the best. Now that you know a little more about the results, pick the outcome you like the best. Style is all about individual choice and expression. Check out all seven of the Charming Sister lines and see which one works for you.

Incidentally, you don’t really think you can figure out which Game of Thrones character you are, based on Taylor Swift pictures, do you? Quizzes are just for fun, after all!

Which sister did you get? Do you agree with the results? Comment below!