“I’ve got mom style”

Ever heard anyone reference that in a positive way? 

Nope, we haven’t either. 

Why is that? Is it that vomit stains and little fingerprints aren’t in style? I once had to run a meeting with spit up on my blazer. I just said ‘rough morning’ to my female co-workers and I got the silent nod. 

I say we take back our style, take back ourselves, and support the hell out of each other while we do it. 

So, since Mom style doesn’t sound amazing - Let’s call it Super Mom style: 

  1. We are all moms in some way. Dog and cat moms, moms of multiples, moms of singletons, and more. 
  2. We are ALL super. We’ve talked about this before, No Such Thing As A Super Mom,  we reject any notion that says otherwise. At the end of the day we are all just doing our best, mmmk? 
Super Mom Style - What is it? 

It’s casual, versatile, and most of all affordable. 

It transitions from play time…

Play Time - Super Mom Style

To work time…

Women at Work - Casual looks

Wear it out with the girls on one of those rare nights out…

Girls Night Out - Lifestyle


Speaking of girls nights out - I LOVE being around women who get me. Like really get me. Do you have that tribe? Do you have that group of women who understand and accept you, no matter what? 

If you don’t, join us (Really)

7 Charming Sisters was built on the notion that there isn’t enough ‘acceptance’ in the fashion space. Sure, there are measures being taken in other countries that ban ‘super skinny’ models from runways, but what about us? 

The average size in the US is a size 14. Where are the models that are the size of the every day women? 

We’ve built a tribe of everyday women who want wearable jewelry. And hey, if you want some funky jewelry, we are going to work through it together (Seriously, how do you wear a brooch like the Instagram models? We’ll show you!)

Join our tribe of everyday women who embrace being super in their own way. Be one of the first to preview the Super Mom jewelry collection which is perfect for all women on the go who want style now, at an affordable price. Check us out below. 

Super Mom Fashion Trends

See something you like? We partner with Amazon Prime to get it to you in 2 days (yes, Amazon Prime <3). We’re Super Moms like you and we know what’s important. 

Join us, in the Super Mom Style Revolution! 

7 Charming Sisters is an online jewelry brand that believes in educating everyday women on style and fashion. Started by 7 friends, each with their own collection and style, they believe fashion should be fun and affordable for everyone. 7 Charming Sisters has been featured in O Magazine, Redbook, People Style Watch and more. To see more, visit their Press Page