Having some trouble finding a way to spice up your look? Don’t worry about it, all of us struggle occasionally. What's our go-to, quick trick when we need a fashion fix? Layered necklaces! It's a simple way to spice up your outfit.

5 Can't-Miss Styles on How to Layer Necklaces

The beauty of layering jewelry is that there are so many different looks you can achieve with just some chains and stones :) 

STYLE ONE: Wear Two of the Same Necklace

Many people say less is more, but we think you’ll disagree when you see the combination of two loud statement necklaces.

Take the two pieces that Kimmie is sporting in her Style One video. The colorful and bold Zest for Life Necklace creates an exquisite and stunning finish to your outfit that will leave people in a daze.

Colorful Layered Crystal Statement NecklacesThe Zest for Life Necklace is a beautiful combination of soft colors with a floral crystal pattern that gives an added feminine touch to your outfit.

The Out to Tea Necklace is a stunning statement bracelet with oval ringlets with delicate, white pearls that dangle around your neck. When mixing these gorgeous pieces together, the look is bold and one that every woman can pull off.

Layering two statement pieces together will give a much-needed pop of excitement to your outfit. Anyone that pulls off not one but two statement necklaces is a force to be reckoned with. 

STYLE TWO: Match Metals with Different Stones

Stuck in a rut and want to command attention at the next PTA meeting or gala? We've got just the ticket! Match metals with different stones for a flawless and classic look. 

In the second style, Kimmie takes the fashionable, rose gold and rhinestone So Happy I Could Dance Necklace and then adds the brilliant and beautiful rose gold, rhinestone, and crystal Sweet Nothings Necklace to hang under it.

Layered Rose Gold Crystal, Rhinestone, and Stone Necklaces

So Happy I Could Dance Necklace is a very unique and elegant piece, that hugs closely to your neck while adding a much-needed flare to any outfit in your closet. It has a subtle rose gold undertone with pretty crystal rhinestones. The Sweet Nothings Necklace is a beautiful, rose gold, sleek snake chain necklace. This thin chain hangs loosely off of your chest.

At the end of this lovely necklace dangles some tasteful crystal and rhinestone charms. The rose gold, crystals, and rhinestones give the necklace a sophisticated vibe. These two necklaces create a perfect, delicate layered look. 

STYLE THREE: Use a Classic Y-Chain Necklace with Simple Delicates

You knew this one was coming ;) Take a long, Y-chain necklace and finish it off with one or more delicate collar necklaces. Boom! Instant layering!

In the video, we have the Stunningly Sensual Necklace, the Harmless Fun Necklace, and the Social Gathering Necklace. The Stunningly Sensual Necklace is a delicate crystal studded Y-necklace.

Simple and Thin Silver Layered Y-Necklaces

It has a long, thin chain, that comes in silver or gold, with a V-shaped metal and crystal bar, that holds another simple chain. We added the  Harmless Fun Necklace, which comes in gold and silver, above the Two to Tango Necklace. 

This dainty necklace has a thin, light chain with a crystal-embedded bar at the end of the chain. Finally, we added the Social Gathering Necklace. This subtle and thin necklace, with a silver or rose gold option, is finished with a small circular, hollow pendant laced with little crystals. Combining all three necklaces will bring the attention of everyone in the room.  

STYLE FOUR: Play with Different Lengths

Looking for a classic and polished look? Try layering different necklace lengths! Doing so creates a fun and pretty look, like when you throw a choker and a long, hanging Y-chained necklace together for the same outfit.

The Two to Tango Necklace, which comes in silver, gold, and rose gold. It's a long and thin Y-chained necklace.  At the end of the chain hangs two crystal spikes that add some sparkle to your outfit! The shorter necklace added to this look is the Lights, Camera, Action Necklace.

This is a layered necklace in it of itself; the first layer is a solid and thick, metal choker, and the second part is a dainty, loose chain that has a crystal pendant hanging off of the end of it. These two necklaces create a perfect dynamic! 

Long and Thin Silver Layered Necklaces

STYLE FIVE: Mix Large Statement Necklaces with Medium Sized Chokers

Our last look is LOUD! You just need to pair a large statement necklace and a medium statement necklace together. Wow! 

Big Layered Statement Necklaces

The Total Fantasy Necklace is definitely every girl’s fantasy necklace. It’s a loud statement necklace with intricate metalwork and glitzy crystals. It has multiple layers of studs and crystals and metaled detailed designs. Add the Sultry Sojourn Necklace, which has a beautiful bohemian, silver vibe. This necklace is a beautiful piece to hang closely to your neck. Adding these two unique and exciting necklaces, one a large statement piece and the other an only slightly smaller statement necklace gives you a large and dramatic presence.