My Momma Told Me...

Posted by:7 Charming Sisters

Mom and Daughter - 7 Charming SistersTales of Childhood, Family, and how we will all hit the realization that we have become our mothers.  Ever wonder where we get that Diva-tude? We got it from our mommas!  Our mother always told us, appearance is everything. No one will want to take your advice if you look like you aren’t taking it yourself. Through the years we've learned that, well, mom was right. Here are some beauty regiments compiled from our moms that have attributed to our powerhouse diva charm.

Take Mondays Seriously
Get your most ready on Monday. It starts your week with a bang and steps up your work game. People take notice that even on a Monday you put yourself together and are looking fabulous, by Thursday you can slip a little on appearance (not too much, remember, you’ve got a diva image to uphold). But let’s face it, you’ve got some weekend looks to work out, you can’t be bothered with the extra attention on the Thursday outfit.

Combat Negative with Positive 
The day you feel your worst, look your best. It will bring you the compliments you need to boost your diva self back up.
-Lost your cat? Wear the statement necklace
-Fight with your husband? Wear the cheetah print pencil skirt.
-Deadline for that major project coming up? Time for a fabulous jumpsuit.
-No one will be able to notice you feel like you’re falling apart in any of these diva looks.

Posture, Posture, Posture! 
Shoulders back, boobs out. Its all about your posture! You appear most confident with those shoulders back, which will only help you when you’re making those diva statements you always make. Shoulder back postures

Sure, when mom said “appearance is everything” it was more about convincing us to wash the grape jelly off of our faces or change out of the mismatched outfit our 8 year old selfs put together. But, we take it to heart now, and our attention to our appearance in small or large part has helped us gain the confidence we needed to push the envelope and be the self-proclaimed divas we are now. 
What are some gems that your Momma Told you? Please comment below!