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Old FASHIONed - Bringing back one fashion dinosaur at a time without looking like you’ve lost your marbles.

One of our favorite places to get inspiration has to be from the past. Fashion comes back all the time. Can you be the one to bring it back?

70's Old FASHIONed - 7 Charming Sisters
Old FASHIONed - 7 Charming Sisters

Remember that low waisted bell bottom come back of the late 90s? And how could we forget the platform shoes redo from the 70s thanks to the Spice girls. Pair that with the micro mini to give any of our dads a heart attack! Word on the street is they are all making a come back.

The key to any good inspiration is NEVER dive completely into it. If your goal is to find that full look at the thrift store you’ll be sorely disappointed when you find it. Sizes just aren’t what they used to be, TRUST US.

Here on old FASHIONed we only get our photos from the thrift store.

This week we take inspiration from a thrift found photo of a sassy looking woman, who we will affectionately started calling “Eileen”.

Come on Eileen, at this fashion moment, this collar means EVERYTHING…

Let’s face it. Not all of us can pull off the actual 80s charm without looking completely crazy. Remember, we’re not all hipsters. Our friends would feel the need to hold an intervention for us, not congratulate us on achieving our flashback dreams. We still say Eileen can teach us a thing or two.

Our first FASHIONed look plays up that black and white gingham plaid that we nearly forgot about under that collar. Black & White Gingham Statement Necklace

Of course, we’re rockin our whitest collar poppin’ statement piece to live it up like Eileen in a shape that reminded us of the flowers printed on the plaid of her dress.

Eileen made us feel like summer, as we are mentally preparing for fall looks. Layers are always a good idea for the mysterious fall temperatures.

Our next inspired look reps a more conservative dress that would make our newly adopted grandma Eileen proud to call us her granddaughter.

Glam Necklace - 7 Charming Sisters

If you didn’t think we’d pair the most GLAM necklace we have with a conservative look then you just don’t know us very well…

White collar- half the size + double the bling= the perfect old FASHIONed look!

What does a library card catalog have to do with it??? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON old FASHIONed.

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