Paint The Town Red

Pick out every pink and red thing in your closet… Don’t wear any of those things. We’re kidding! You can wear pink or red on Valentines Day. We just want to make sure you’re doing it right. Lets look at some ways to add those valentine colors to make your romantic date perfect.


  1. Fancy Dinner and Ballet- The perfect date with the perfect mate


A Night to Remember Necklace compact

The Look: As if your friends aren’t jealous enough of you and Mr. romantic, we’re going to help you push them over the jealousy edge! We see you in your red high heels, a long fitted slender dress, plunging neckline or turtleneck; both will help this necklace pop. Your eyes on him, and all eyes on you will make this Valentine’s day a real Night to remember.



  1. Surprise Date- Most of the time we hate surprises… unless they are jewelry!


The Jewelry: Let your hair loose necklace

Silver Necklace for Date

The Look: He’s taking you “somewhere”… so far all we know is it will have food… and hopefully wine. This is the perfect opportunity to let your jewelry do the talking. Wear the dress you feel most confident in—black? red? fuchsia? Pair it with the let your hair loose bold statement to give you that extra feeling of “I know I look good”. Wear the heels you feel comfortable walking in, remember, this place might not have valet! Having that simple and versatile dress on with a necklace that elevates your look with make you feel like you’re ready for anything!


  1. There’s no place like home- Valentine’s Date- no we don’t mean Netflix and Chill… unless that’s what you’re going for… no judgment here!


The Jewelry: Thornless Rose Necklace

Thornless Rose Necklace

The Look: We know what you’re thinking; I’m going to be at home, why do I need jewelry? Well, if he’s offered to make you a special dinner (you know, that one fancy meal he can make ; ) ) he’s going to expect you to look your best. And, lets face it, your best is with a bold red lip and a hint of sparkle! The Thornless rose will give you a little something extra to go with your effortless jeans and t-shirt look.


  1. Anti- Valentine’s- Girls Night Out

Find that man tonight.

Make him wish he never lost you, post glam shots all night.


The Jewelry: Vintage Vixen, Always Dance Earrings

Anti - Valentine Always Dance EarringsSplash Vintage Vixen Necklace

The Look:  We’ve all been there, a Valentine’s day without a date. That’s no reason to stay in. We think its even more reason to get out there and dance. Spare no expense. Plan to wear that sexy red dress to dinner or night of dancing with your other single gals. You never know what could happen!


  1. Dinner and a movie- The dating standard put together with outstanding jewelry.


The Jewelry: Red my lips necklace and Red my lips earrings

Red Jewelry Set - 7 Charming Sisters

The Look: Simply put, we can’t wait to pair this necklace with a long sleeve black sweater dress or a collared shirt and skinny jeans with the cutest pair of red heels or flats. Either way, a perfect dinner and movie outfit involves a pop of red with our Red My Lips Statement set.