There’s so many rules to follow when mixing prints together. So much so that it can make you afraid to take the chance. Let's stop you right there - the sisters have your back! Use our simple guidelines when you’re looking to mix different prints. In a rush? Skip to the end for a handy graphic. 

​Don’t be afraid to mix and match the theme of your outfit. Layering patterns is all about the spontaneity of the look, not the logic. Getting too caught up in what  should be paired together will take away from the fun, carefree outfit you’re aiming for. When pairing together your pieces, go with the flow and leave logic behind.

​Don't Over Do It:  Pick your base pattern and abide by only some of its laws. Choose one thing about the piece, such as a certain color, and pair it with an item that will make your outfit pop. Instead of finding accessories that complement every individual aspect of the pattern, pick your favorite part of the piece and emphasize it.

Less is More: Even when picking a loud patterned outfit, you can still bring the ensemble home with just a simple accessory. Trust us when we say, sometimes one extravagant, vibrant piece is enough for an outfit. Adding just one, maybe quieter, jewelry piece will finish off the look. 

​One at a Time: For the most part, extremely loud pieces lose their individuality and effect when you directly layer another extremely loud piece over it. Don’t make your fashion pieces compete for attention. If you’re wearing a patterned shirt, try not to distract the attention away from it an extravagant statement necklace. Instead, bling up your outfit with some earrings, bracelets, and rings. Bring on your most vibrant necklaces when you’re wearing some colorful skirts and pants, though!

​Make your Neutrals Pop: Sometimes your patterned pieces are fun enough, but almost monotoned in color. You can bring any outfit to life with a little dash of color. Just throwing in one bracelet or simple necklace with a lively color can give you the attention-grabbing outfit you desire.

​Get loud with your prints and colors, with help from 7 Charming Sisters. Where we ALWAYS have your back ;) Happy styling!