Stepping Out of My Shell

Posted by:7 Charming Sisters

Do you ever look at someone’s attire and wonder how they matched their jewelry so perfectly to their outfit? And then you find yourself thinking, “that looks wonderful, but I bet I could never pull that style off”

Stepping Out of My ShellHow to Select Jewelry - 7 Charming Sisters

I was never really one to take a step out of my comfort zone and try something new, especially when it came to what jewelry to wear with my outfit. After all, I’d be humiliated if I ever showed up at a social event and my accessories didn’t vibe with what I was wearing. Nowadays there are so many ways to wear jewelry, can you really go wrong?

It appears you can . . . Where do you even begin, you ask?  I found these five tips to be helpful in making me feel fabulous about my style:

Tip No. 1—Everyone has a certain “style” in mind when shopping for clothes and accessories.

If you are just starting your collection, be sure to purchase jewelry that can go with a few different outfits. Start small and simple, and then as you become more comfortable add in some statement pieces to give yourself a bolder look.

Tip No. 2—Know Your Occasion

Do you keep a simple look for a quiet fall day? Or do you rock your best dressed for a cocktail party? Is your hair up? Or styled down? Are you wearing high heels? Or flats? You can accessorize just about any outfit, but knowing the occasion and your audience will help guide you in what to wear.

Tip No. 3—Work Around One Centerpiece

Going for a layered look? Or maybe adding more than one piece of jewelry to your outfit? Inspired Look jewelry - 7 Charmimg SistersKnowing how to style yourself is important. Pick a statement necklace or a bold bracelet and match it with subtle, less flashy items. 

Tip No. 4— Be Inspired 

If someone compliments you on your jewelry, no matter who it is, wear it more often. If you find yourself complimenting others, keep that piece in mind when making your next purchase.

Tip No. 5—Rock It!

Last, but not least, don’t be scared! Nowadays fashion and what’s “in” is so versatile it’s really hard to go wrong, especially when you hold your head up high and walk into a room with confidence, knowing you look charming with a piece from 7 Charming Sisters!