Style According to Taylor Swift

In the world of music, and in fashion, there is not anyone hotter today than Taylor Swift. Though it is easy, at first glance, to look at her as being just a pretty young celebrity or just a country singer, she is so much more. Ms. Swift has created a style all of her own, much of it based on choosing one signature piece of jewelry and wearing it well. Our own Jessica is also a queen of the statement piece. Check out these five pieces available by 7 Charming Sisters that can help you achieve that hot Taylor Swift look too.Newly Minted Earrings

Bold Dangling Earrings – Taylor Swift added a simple pop of color to a white outfit by adding an elegant pair of blue Sutra earrings to the mix. Jessica’s affordable alternative “Newly Minted” earrings give you that same bright look and are sure to turn heads—for a fraction of the cost!

Cat Crazy Jewelry – Taylor’s love for felines is well-known in the celebrity world. She was gifted a cat necklace from friend Lena Dunham. If you too have a love for kitties, you might like Jessica’s blinged out alternative—the Purrfectly Programmed necklace. Featuring a big cat and plenty of sparkle, you will love how this looks at work or on the town.Purrfectly Programmed Necklace

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Necklace – Big, bold and ready to get noticed. Taylor Swift will wear necklaces that make people stop and take notice. She’s been photographed in some pretty crazy designs. While you may not want to wear anything quite that big, the big, chunky look IS in and is achievable. Consider the Blonde Ambition necklace, for instance—because no one is more ambitious than Ms. Swift herself!

The Red Necklace – With an album called Red and bright red lips a signature look, why not channel Taylor by adding a bright red piece of jewelry to your wardrobe? The Red My Lips necklace is a beautiful way to show off your love for Taylor’s signature color while still adding plenty of sparkle to your everyday look.

The Perfect Ring – It’s amazing, but the right ring can make a huge difference in how you look and feel. Conference Call Ring Taylor has been photographed in dozens of different styles and designs, but she favors bright, bold looks. Jessica’s jewelry collection offers a few options along this line. The Conference Call ring is a great choice for your next ring purchase—and it works with nearly any outfit.