The Perfect Pair: Eyeglasses and Earring Combos

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Affordable Glasses to Accessorize your FashionThe days when being called a nerd was an insult are long gone. Nowadays, being an expert in your field is hot, hot, hot, and all the more reason to take nerdiness to its most stylish extreme. There's no nerdy accessory better than eyeglasses, but you don't have to break the bank to sport frames that are at the height of style. We've rounded up seven sexy frames that are all under $100. What's better than finding the perfect frames for the windows to your soul? How about the perfect studs to compliment them. 

Cute, Nerdy Glasses for an Afforable Fashion

  1. Be classic and edgy at the very same time with the Warby Parker Topper Glasses in River Stone Blue Fade. Just like the frames, our Whisper in My Earrings, take a classic shape in the form of crystal stud earrings, but the bright turquoise color will make you stand out from the crowd. Affordable Glasses and Cute Glam Earring
  2. You can never have too much old world elegance, so double down by pairing the Warby Parker Welty Glasses in Whiskey Tortoise with our Glitz N Glam crystal rhinestone stud earrings.Cute Starter Earrings and Affordable Glasses
  3. Sometimes simple is the opposite of boring. Take these Warby Parker Huxley Glasses in Jet Black and pair with our polished crystal bezel stud Conversation Starter Earrings that feature a dark colored crystal encased in a decorative silver setting and you'll have a match that is anything but basic. Sometimes 2 + 2 equals so much more than 4.Fashionable with these Affordable Glasses and Jewelry
  4. Warby Parker Newton Glasses in Aurelia Tortoise are not afraid to show their true colors, bright colors that are versatile and go with everything. Making them the perfect match for our Triton Earrings jewelry piece. The iridescent finish on these crystal ball stud earrings pick up any color you wear.Cute, Sophisticate Earrings and Affordable Glasses
  5. What's more sophisticated than the black and white of the BonLook SkunkBoy Glasses in Panda Pearl? Drop crystal statement earrings. The black vintage crystal drops of our The Sophisticate Earrings will guarantee you'll be at the height of elegance.Fashionable, Glasses and Jewelry for A Nerdy Look
  6. Sometimes complementing means pairing two different styles. There's nothing like bringing some serious funk to the nerd look, and the BonLook Flair Glasses in Rose Quartz are the perfect frames to do just that. Glam up the funk with our Amazing Accolades Earrings. The rose gold and pearl stud earrings have a spiral of rhinestones to make these classics sparkle.Amaze Glasses and funk with our Amazing Accolades Earrings
  7. Oversize is in. Match the large BonLook Amaze Glasses in Granite with our large brown crystal stud earrings with a beaded antique gold frame. The Watch Me Work Earrings will bring a stylish art deco look to any ensemble.

Whether you're looking for adornment to play up the sexy nerd in you, or want to highlight a different look from classic to chic to the height of fashion, we've got just the right earrings for you.{{cta('2ca23eca-f9e8-48de-a590-3175d2490440','justifycenter')}}

Infographic : Be Sexy, Nerdy, and Fashionable Glasses and Jewelry