The Ultimate Summer Road Trip Playlist

Posted by:7 Charming Sisters

Hitting the road this summer? Whether your style is a little bit country or a little bit rock 'n roll, the sisters have just the right playlist for your perfect road trip.

Classy Chick

Paula loves to keep things classic, including her taste in music. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to get down while hitting the road. Her summer playlist is filled with classic rock. She prefers the term “vintage” to “oldies,” and believes that a great song is just like a great bottle of wine, it just gets better with age.

Summer Roadtrip Playlist For Chicks

Life of the Party

Kimmie likes to live in the moment. It just so happens that she also believes that the music that played during the moments of the '90s was the best music ever. That doesn’t mean she needs a time machine to listen to her favorite tunes. All she needs is her girls, her car, and her favorite Spotify playlist.

favorite Spotify playlist

Super Mom

When the kids aren’t in the backseat clamoring for more Baby Beluga, Melissa loves to keep it down home country. Even though she goes for stylish simplicity in fashion, on a roadtrip with the girls she always opts for the scenic route, because there's nothing like winding country roads and ballads about heartbreak. She always throws in a few pop songs too; just because the kids aren't with her, doesn't mean she can't get a singalong going.

Super Mom Summer Playlist


If the album doesn't come with a parental advisory warning, chances are, Jennifer doesn't want it. Jenn's music speaks to the part of her that is bold and fearless, which is actually all of her. With her look always on point, when she is rolling through town with the girls with the windows down and music up.

Cool Summer Playlist

Social Butterfly

There is nothing Donalda loves more than fun times, and she's expert at making sure everyone is having one. The longer the road trip, the better it is to have her along for the ride. She keeps her fellow road-trippers in stitches with her jokes and jamming to her playlist. It's like being at a super-fun party that moves at 60mph.

The Social Playtrack

Sexy Nerd

Jessica works hard and plays hard, so when she's not cruching numbers at the office she likes to let loose with the girls. Her favorite songs to let her hair down to are just as varied as her personal style. She loves everything from the oldies to 90's hip hop. 

Sexy Nerd Roadtrip Playlist

Girl Next Door

Kimberly is wholesome and her music taste reflects her sweet and down-to-earth personality. She loves to sing along to country classics with a few top hits thrown in the mix. 

Summer Playlist For Girls

Are you headed out to find adventures on the road this summer? Just as important as finding the right tunes, is having the right things to wear. It's best to travel light, but that doesn't mean you can't dress for whatever occasion the road takes you to. Keep the suitcase small and bring lots and lots of jewelry. That way, however far from home you are, you'll always have just the right accessory to express yourself.

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