Tips for Choosing the Right Jewelry for Your Wedding

Congrats! You are about to start the rest of your life with your love, and are going to look FAB! Shopping for a dress may be stressful, but shopping for your accessories doesn’t have to be. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you pick out the jewelry that will work best for your wedding day look.

Which First?  First and foremost, do you buy the dress first, or the accessories? Depending on your style, you should at least take your jewelry into account when saying yes to the dress. We aren’t suggesting you need to buy the jewelry first, but you might want to at least consider the type of jewelry you want to wear with your dress. If you don’t have your ears pierced, you can either look for clip-on earrings or pick a dress that allows you to wear a necklace with it. If you want to wear your treasured crystal bracelet, you might want to avoid a lace dress so it doesn’t snag.

Crystal Bracelet For Wedding Occassion

Pay Attention to Color We are all about mixing metals, but reserve that for your everyday style. Keep your wedding day as a day to let yourself shine, not your wardrobe.

White dresses look best when paired with silver or platinum jewelry.

Mixing Metals - 7 Charming Sisters

Champagne gowns allow you to wear either silver or gold. Just be sure to choose what matches the undertone of your dress best.

Champagne Gown With Matchable Jewelry

Ivory is complemented by warm tones of gold jewelry. Pearls are also a classic option.

Wedding Jewelry - 7 Charming Sisters

Blush is more versatile, as it looks beautiful with either silver toned jewelry or gold. Pay attention to shade - this will determine if bright yellow gold or antique gold goes best.

Silver toned jewelry or Gold





Pay Attention to Stones Similar to complementing your shade of jewelry with your dress, you also want to assure that your stones match as well. If you are wearing an embellished dress, be sure to pick out accessories that match. If you have silver embroidery on your dress, make sure to pick silver or platinum accessories.

Platinum Accessories For Wedding

Make Sure it Works With Your Sash Sashes are often the final touch to a gown, and can add either a pop of color or a touch of sparkle. Be sure to keep this in mind as well when determining your wedding jewelry. Sashes frequently are encrusted with stones, and you don’t want to choose jewelry with a different style stone.

Jewelry For Wedding Occasion

Choose Baubles for Your Neckline A strapless gown might be the most versatile neckline to work with, as this allows you to wear a statement or dainty necklace or earrings and of course bracelets. A high neckline might be better suited with a larger pair of earrings, while a deep v neck would look great with a drop or pendant necklace.

Necklace For Brides

Don’t Forget the Bridesmaids Not only do you want to give a little something to the ladies who have helped you plan it all, you want to make sure they don’t clash with you either! Don’t gift them items in silver, if you are sparkling in gold. Matching bridesmaids may be a thing of the past, but you want to assure you have an overall cohesive and complementary look in your pictures.

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We're curious- have you started thinking about what you’ll be doing for your wedding day jewelry or have another tip for the fellow bride to be's?

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