(Van) Gogh Get ‘Em, Girl!

Posted by:7 Charming Sisters

Art represents so many different things in each person’s life. It can be an escape, a release, a peaceful moment, or an expression of joy ... among so many other things. The talented artists that have given us such inspiring pieces of themselves deserve to be commemorated in any way that we can! I have chosen to wear my art on my sleeve by putting together looks inspired by some truly beautiful works of art. This is such a fun way of bringing their art to a brand new medium. This month, I am starting with the brilliant, oft-misunderstood Vincent Van Gogh.

1.  Starry Night

Okay, this is a classic! From credit card designs (I will admit it, this is mine!) to postcards, I am sure you have all seen something with those wispy, swirly stars all over it. The color palette of this painting is amazing, and Starry Night Looktransfers so well to a FAB outfit, of course completed by a beautiful 7 Charming sisters necklace! I would wear this outfit out on the town with my sisters -- because what night is complete without some stars? I absolutely love adding a little sparkle to an otherwise simple outfit, and the Starry Night outfit is the perfect place to do it. The necklace and shoes really make this outfit pop and turn it into a true work of art!


2.  Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers 

A lesser known piece by Van Gogh, but I am digging these colors, Vase with Fifteen Sunflowersespecially for fall!  I must confess, I am a brightly colored clothing junkie, so this dress would fit perfectly in my closet next to the mustard-colored pants and royal blue blazer. The structure of the dress will flatter any figure, and the gems in the necklace will really make a statement. This look is perfect for an early fall day at work -- complete with your pumpkin spiced latte! 


3.   Irises

This painting is so peaceful and the colors inspire a perfect look for an Irises Inspired Lookafternoon date or a girls’ brunch. There are so many different ways to wear these colors together; play around and see what you like best. I chose to really bring out the greens in the painting by pairing a teal blouse with (duh!) a floral skirt and some fabulous minty studded heels to give it a little edge. The romantic feeling of both the painting and the look call for a spectacular statement ring and some minty earrings to match the shoes.

Be creative and try these color palettes out on your own! I love these looks, but the paintings have so many variations of color that the possibilities are endless. You can be a walking work of art! Come back next time to “Get that Manet, Honey!”