We LOVE and HATE Floral Jewelry

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Floral Jewelry – We find people either love it or hate it. 

People Love or Hate Floral JewelryWho knew that a few crystal gems in the shape of a dandelion could evoke so much emotion? Well, we kind of did know, actually. Four of our 7 Charming Sisters have pretty strong views on the matter, and we get the joy of hearing about it by the water/wine cooler ever so often.  

In this blog post, Kimberly (Girl Next Door) and Jessica (Sexy Nerd) are pro-floral jewelry; Paula (Classy Chick) and Donalda (The Social Butterfly) are … well, not. 

Let’s learn why each sister feels strongly about blossomy baubles. 


Donalda, The Social Butterfly:

I love it ... I love it not! Oh, the mixed emotions! As a jewelry enthusiast, I’m supposed to be aware of and open-minded towards new trends in the world of fashion, but the floral jewelry trend has given me pause. 

When our beloved buyer and lover of all things charming approached me with a necklace adorned with metal roses of various sizes and colors, I gave her a blank stare. How exactly did she expect me to wear such a thing?  In theory, I should love this. It's bold, girly and makes quite the statement. So I did what I do when I find myself questioning my own thoughts: I surveyed the other sisters and their children, and found out something surprising. I'm one of the outliers! 

Leaf the Talking to Me JewelryApparently, most everyone else in the world knows how to rock floral jewelry – or will at least give it a shot. So what was my issue? I love flowers – but real ones, not jewelry versions hanging from my neck or ears. Also, where in the world would I wear a floral necklace? Imagine the stares I would get as I waltzed into a board meeting with a large metallic bouquet resting on my chest. Perhaps a wedding, but at the risk of upstaging the floral arrangements! I agreed to add it to my line because this will be my spring challenge: to wear floral jewelry and make it work for me.  Every woman should step out of her comfort zone often, to keep her admirers on their toes.  I know there are others like me out there. Let’s get bold and creative this spring and embrace this new trend even with mixed emotions. Give the Leaf the Talking to Me jewelry set a try. It's not too 'floraly' and if nothing else, it’s a great conversation piece!

Paula, Classy Chick:

Floral prints can be cute… sometimes. Maybe as the cover of a notepad, or possibly on a pen. But that's it!  Honestly, floral prints remind me of my aunt’s yellow and white couch back in the '70s – yes, the one that had the plastic protector over it. Now that I come to think of it, the '70s had a lot of floral. Think long, puffy-sleeved floral dress or flowers in the hair. A flower child, I am not! All joking aside, floral fashion trends have always been my least favorite, for many practical reasons. 

  • Floral designs can be too overwhelming or distracting. This is especially true on some floral print dresses. In most cases another piece is needed to tone it down.
  • Floral prints are a little too feminine for my taste. Simply put, I just like a little edge – a bit of sophistication.
  • Florals as accessories are busy – very busy. It’s such an attention-getter that your entire outfit is limited in order for it to work.
  • Not flattering for my body shape. Florals tend to make me look frumpy in my petite frame. There is a lack of structure to the print, unlike stripes, for example (strategically placed stripes, of course).

They're also not something you can wear every day. I appreciate pieces that have versatility and practicality. With that said, my wardrobe can be mixed interchangeably, and most importantly, can be layered and worn throughout the year. Florals are a signifier of springtime fashion. Like Miranda Priestly from "The Devil Wears Prada" would say, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

The most important reason I do not wear florals is because I do not feel comfortable in them. Every women would agree that an important rule of fashion is to wear pieces that make you feel comfortable. For some women, that is not wearing heels, avoiding stripes or wearing something other than black. Keep in mind that these are the reasons I do not wear floral prints. I bet my other sisters would think entirely differently. I’m sure you can think of a fashion trend you feel the same way about. Whether a fashion trend is not flattering on you or doesn’t fit into your style, it is important to wear trends you feel comfortable in and that boost your confidence. Because honestly? The best piece of clothing or jewelry or hairstyle that you wear is confidence.

Trending Floral JewelryFLOWER POWER

Kimberly, Girl Next Door:

Ever want to carry around those dozen red roses you got from your husband “just because” to show them off? Why not wear jewelry that does just that?                                                                                    

Out of Your Shell Gold Leaf                                                                                                             I’m a fan of flowers – any kind of flowers – but one of the major disappointments I encounter is that they can be hard to maintain. No matter how hard you try, they don’t last long!Wearing floral jewelry gives me the chance to show off those “just because” gifts (whether from my husband OR myself) in a whole new way. One of my favorite things about floral jewelry is that there is NO maintenance. Plus, it can accessorize just about anything I wear. Whether I'm going for a vintage, traditional or modern look, there is always a piece to fit the occasion and it always seems to put me in an elevated mood – feeling one with nature even when I'm not outside! 

Take my Out of Your Shell gold leaf climber for example. First of all, it's adorable. Second of all, I don't have to water it or take care of it. It is literally the PERFECT plant :)  

Jessica, Sexy Nerd:

I have never been a “girly-girl.” From my childhood of slide-tackling my opponents on the soccer field to my preference for blazers and trousers over billowy, pink dresses, I have always embraced my tomboy nature.

As I have grown into my femininity, though, I have learned that I enjoy mixing subtle “girly” pieces into my otherwise masculine wardrobe. I now appreciate all of the pretty things that my mom tried to force onto me when I was little (although I still hate those horrible humongous hair bows … no thank you, 1990s fashion).

I absolutely love rocking sky-high heels and feminine accessories with my tailored suits. I feel commanding and ladylike at the same time when I am pairing a button-down with a beautiful statement necklace.  

I can’t imagine anything more feminine than floral accessories, and these are some of my favorites to mix in to my otherwise androgynous style. Our Floral Focused Necklace is the perfect addition over a crisp button-down shirt and under my favorite blazers. The pretty pastels and sparkly details bring menswear-inspired looks from drab to fab! You can also try thy the look I'm rocking below. My silver crystal floral bib necklace, Juried Jewels paired with green crystal floral drop earrings Field of Dreams are the perfect nod at feminine. 

Professional with a side of flirty, this type of outfit reminds me that, as a woman, I am free to celebrate the dichotomy between soft and strong that makes us so incredibly special. So, as you can see, wearing floral jewelry doesn’t have to be saccharine sweet or a scary endeavor. (Just promise me you won’t try to bring hair bows back, okay?)Floral Focused Necklace

In the End...

Whether you are pro-flower power or a bit more reluctant to layer on lilied blooms, we know we have a style for you. Check out our leaf and floral collection now:


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