What Your Jewelry Picks Say About Your Personality

Whether it is the chunky, edgy look or the traditional approach to accessorizing, our jewelry speaks volume as to who are, not only on the outside, but the inside as well. Our choices in jewelry are a way of expressing our individual styles and moods. It’s our ability to speak our minds, and hearts, without uttering a word.Heart With Sunset - 7 Charmimg Sisters

When choosing your jewelry for the day, be sure to take into account your personality. Always pick something that suits your style, along with your needs.

For those looking to take the traditional approach to accessorizing, consider grabbing a classic set of pearls to complete an outfit. Clutch My Pearls NecklaceThis style comes across as neat and elegant, ready to take on the day with poise. Multiple strands of pearls in different lengths and sizes allows you to remain in the traditional sense of jewelry while stepping foot into the updated world of accessorizing.

Those feeling a bit more edgy may opt for the layered look of multiple chains, paired with beaded necklaces, which creates depth and expression to any outfit. This look allows freedom to experiment with pieces, colors, and textures, which shows a passion for creativity and expression.

Looking to make a statement? Consider pairing your favorite pumps with a bold necklace. Bright colors add pizzazz to spark up any outfit while deep gem colors radiate elegance. Rodeo Drive Necklace - 7 Charming SistersThese pieces should be paired with simple clothing styles to ensure attention is drawn towards the face. Eyes are naturally attracted to these pieces instead of unsightly areas, such as the hips or waste line. The larger the statement necklace, the more attention you’ll receive!

For those who find themselves one with the universe, create a look that incorporates Gemstone Beaded Necklacenature friendly materials such as recycled metals and stones. Simple layering can help to achieve a style that expresses values, while maintaining your fashionista status.

Heart in charge? Look for pieces that represent memories. Charms work well, along with customizable pendants, to act as a reminder for those memorable moments. This accessory style let’s others know what is most important in your life.

It’s important to remember that despite our individual styles, certain pieces work better for specific occasions than others. Having a diverse jewelry collection will help ease your anxiety and ensure you have a piece for every event. When considering new jewelry, make sure it will represent your personal style, along with enhance your wardrobe.

Of course, although we rely on our jewelry to complete our outfit, don’t let a piece be the main focus of your appearance. Accessorizing is your way of expression, not a means to define who you are. Allow your jewelry to capture your mood for the day. After all, it’s simply a way to accessorize yourpersonality.