Wine, Painting, and Jewelry: Tips on Having a Ladies Night Out

Paints and JewelryThere is something beautiful that happens when girlfriends get together. When women stop the hustle bustle of their daily lives to enjoy each other, catch up, and relax, you can almost see the stress of the day-to-day melt away. What remains is the purity of a beautiful thing – friendship (pictured: Egyptian Angles Rings).

That’s exactly what the 7 Charming Sisters did recently. Ladies Night OutOur office has been crazy busy with the opening of our business. We are thrilled to have so many people raving about our jewelry! But we wanted to take a little break and let our hair down a little (pictured left: Midnight Powwow Necklace).  We decided to go to Wine and Design in downtown Fredericksburg. Jennifer Charming set up a fabulous theme for us – 50 Shades of Grey. Oh what a night :) 

Painting and BraceletFor your viewing pleasure, here are some of the pictures from our fun night out (pictured right: 9-5 Bracelet). We sipped on wine while we painted, and laughed. It’s hard to have a ladies night out with kids, a job, and all the other things that come along with life. How were we able to get away? Here are some fun tips to help you have a ladies night of your own!    

Plan Your Fun NightPlan Ahead: It’s hard to add something else into your schedule when you don’t plan for it. Plan your fun night way in advance (at least 3 weeks) so you can coordinate childcare, husband care, and anything else that needs attention.

Dress the Part: If you are like us, you don’t get to go out much.Dress the Part - 7 Charming SistersTake your time to look awesome, which includes coordinating your outfit and of course having fabulous 7 Charming Sisters jewelry on hand. Our new arrivals will always keep you stylish. Taking the time to coordinate and look fabulous will prime you to really get the party started (pictured: Forget the To-Do List)

Pick a Point Person: When you are working with a larger group (for these purposes we will say anything larger than 3 people), pick someone to take the lead in planning. You can rotate who plans your quarterly or monthly outing.

Be Present: Some times this is the hardest part. It’s so easy to be distracted by things going on at home elsewhere that you let your mind wander and don’t actually enjoy the moment. Kimmie recommends Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’ and ‘The Power of Now” to help stay focused and present.

Drama-Free Night with BestiesGo with your Besties: You want to have a drama-free night. Make sure the crew you roll with won’t make the night unpleasant for you! Invite people that you know you’ll have a good time with and have common interests as you.

We hope you find these tips helpful! What did we leave out? Please comment below!