How to Layer & Stack Bracelets

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Charm School: Lessons in Layering Bracelets

Want to learn how to layer and stack bracelets like a pro? Bold statement jewelry should be a part of your look, just as much as your clothing and shoes. Adding the right stacking bracelets is going to a add chic style in a way that will turn heads. Be prepared to get compliments galore as you wear looks from our 7 Charming Sisters bracelet line that are elegant and unique. Luckily you can have a variety of sensational jewelry looks that will take you from day to night. We have put together three different styles with gorgeous layering bracelets to choose from. That way you jewelry wardrobe will be as amazing as you are!

The Clutch Your Pearls Look

This is for the classy, high style lady that loves to put together just the right look for the office or a night on the town. This is a combination of three different bracelets starting with the “It’s a Wrap Pearl Cuff Bracelet”,” Take The World By Storm”, and “It Takes Two Bracelet,” which is a geometric bangle with a gorgeous gold finish is going to look perfect on you no matter where you go.

Stack bracelets - 7 Charming Sister

Boho Revival

You can get a bit outrageous with this relaxed style for the hipster who knows that high fashion is the way to go. With a combination of rustic textures, and earthy tones, this look is tres chic. Anyone can rock this style with at least four different bracelets up your arm including, “Mala Tassel Bracelet Tassel Bracelet”, “Serenity”, “Positive Vibes” and finally the “Salt of the Earth Bracelet” which is a combination of braided gold and brown cord. Simple style for the girl next door who wants to make a grand statement with her jewelry.

Boho Bracelets Stacking

Fancy In a Flash

For true fashion lovers you are going to want to wear this style as the life of any party. This gorgeous look showcases four bracelets, “Model Citizen Bracelet”, “On Display”, “Sparkle Sparkle”, and finally the Rendezvous Bracelet Set” with the crystal accents on either end that are pure sparkly fun. You are going to adore this look, and want to wear it on a daily basis.

Fancy Bracelets StackingWhich look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments. Shop all our layering and stacking bracelet looks by checking out the Charm School collection. Class is dismissed! 


How to Layer Bracelets