Know What Bracelet Suits Your Style: Different Types of Bracelets

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Life is too short to enjoy so many occasions that happen in life. We spend a lot of time shopping for new dresses, matching shoes, necklaces, getting well-done nails and hair style according to the occasion. But what about your wrists? Whether you want to keep it basic with sleek gray crystal link bracelet or get sophisticated with jeweled cuff bracelets – making sure that it suits you and the occasion is very crucial. Here is something that can help you decide what bracelet suits your style and how to choose the best bracelet according to the special occasion.

Casual Beauties for Your Wrist

Because there are sheer number of bracelets styles out there, picking the right one has become extremely hard. Day to day bracelets are real gem – whether you are doing a job or running your own restaurants, the options are countless. A single chain or thin chain with a gemstone is a nice option. You can also combine multiples in subtle way. Bug out bracelets are the best option for college going people.

Go Wow for Those Weekend Parties

Who does not want to get dressed up for the most awaited weekend parties? A smartly chosen bracelet can add a fun flair to your weekend outfit. If you are wearing jeans, then you can make layered tassel charm bracelet your weekend jam. If it is a family outing, then go for something traditional yet charming like vintage bracelet.

Dazzling-Night Drama

A romantic date or a rocking night party on weekends can bring excitement to the bracelet game. Try combining different style here – pick some alluring metals, leather wraps and gemstones. For parties, you can go glam with modern diamonds and gemstones - jeweled cuff bracelets are a great option.

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