3 Summer Statement Earrings: Predicting Eye Candy for 2018!

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Step out this season with statement earrings designed to help you dazzle! Created with a high dose of colors and elegant renditions that are stylish and still practical, these earrings are a step away from usual options that grab space on editorials by fashion gurus and trend-forecasters every season. We realize that it takes something special for fashion jewelry to make sense for women from disparate socio-cultural influences and still have the ability to look good, with nearly anything in their wardrobe. It is early 2018 right now and we are in the middle of a major revival—this season, dramatic earrings will make their presence felt a lot more. Some of them have the potential to become global influencers and might be just the type of eye candy you need in your wardrobe ensemble. From shoulder-dusting tassels to pearl studs, get ready to add shop for jewelry options that are a boutique fusion of classic styles, traditional jewelry designs, modern preferences and some sleek silhouettes. Whether you want understated edge in your appearance for eveningwear or need more expressively-designed, contemporary fashion accessories, the following should make it to your final list of Fashion Earrings to Own in 2018…

1. Dream White Statement Earrings – Pearly Answers for All Eveningwear Questions

white statement earrings


Your wardrobe is incomplete without a string of pearls! Celebrate the sentiment for pearls this summer, with this crystal-encrusted ear piece. Cascading with glamour, it has strands of pearls dripping down and can be easily paired with a floor-length gown. Please understand that owning a pair of pearl earrings continues to be a must-have in any jewelry collection. It can accessorize even the simplest outfits, making them look more opulent.


2. Bold Expression Tassel Earrings - Whimsical Vibes to Everyday Dressing

bold tassel earrings

Nothing gets you noticed quicker than these red statement earrings. The Boho-chic aura is strong with a strong dose of color. These earrings are surprisingly versatile. Use them to add dose of colors to any outfit, ranging from maxi dresses and ankle boots to floppy hats, better combined with retro sunglasses. Already trending among vacationers and overseas tourists, the tassels stunning gold hardware are a great way to add some sparkling touch to your outfit.


3. Eternal Elegance Drop Earrings – Redefining Contemporary Classics

Elegance Drop Earrings

Crystal earrings have been romanced forever and this season, you can continue the love affair with stone drop earrings that put a slightly new spin on traditional multi-shaped, champagne and black colored gemstone jewelry. The color contrast is more intense and the free-hanging design can be easily mated with an off-shoulder top or an evening gown.


Concluding Thoughts

We trust 2018 to be an extraordinary year for fashion enthusiasts and women who take pride in dressing-up. You will have many options to optimize your wardrobe, to update your wardrobe or to try something radically different. In this journey, fashion jewelry will be your constant companion. At 7 Charming Sisters, our vision is to help you navigate the abundance of options, providing a better way to quickly shop for jewelry that has been created by real women like you. Our uncanny knack for capturing vintage and modern designs with a unique twist positions us differently in this category. With our passionate approach to provide avant-garde jewelry, we try and create bold, stand-out works of art. Watch this space as we bring more edgy, sometimes futuristic, occasionally bizarre and always spectacular designs. From grandeur worthy of being flaunted on the red carpet to minimalistic fashion jewelry that should be worn to the workplace, we have the perfect mixture, ensuring there is something for every fashion sense!