The Right Drop Earrings for Your Face Shape

Posted by:7 Charming Sisters
Category: Jewelry

Let’s face it. Shopping for jewelry online can be difficult. You may love the way something looks on the computer screen but when you get it on your body, there’s something wrong.

We have found this especially to be the case with earrings. You find the perfect pair of dangly, drop earrings. You get them home, excitedly open the box, and put them on. What looked like a perfect compliment to your sexy lobes, suddenly…isn’t. 

We have been there before and found help from other online jewelry retailers to be lacking in this area.  To remidy this fashion fauxpas, we have developed a helpful earring guide. Read on to learn which earrings are perfect for your face shape.  Want to skip to the chase and see everything in Infographic form? Scroll down and use our helpful inforgraphic to assist you in picking the perfect pair of earrings for your face shape. Don't forget, all drop earrings are 40% off this week with code ShopTilYouDrop at checkout.  Lets take a look now, shall we?

ROUND FACE: If you have a round face you’ll want to select angled or long drop designs. Find items that complement your beautiful, full face and avoid circular drops, chandeliers, or hoops. Our top picks are Make Me a Deal (pictured below), Who's the Boss, and the Clutch earrings. 

Make me a deal earrings for Round Face

HEART FACE: You'll want large, statement drop earrings to add a perfect contrast to the sharp angels of your face. Chandelier and drop earrings are always perfect for the heart shaped face.  Stay clear of angular designs that may compete with your shape. Our favorites? Try the Blow me a KissPerfectionist, or the In it to Win it (pictured below) earrings. 

Blue and white crystal earrings for heart face

OVAL FACE: Talk about the face jackpot! If you have an oval face you can pretty much wear any type of earring.  That info, in of itself, problebly isnt very helpful so we recommed dangle, bold, or statement drop earrings. Check out these beauties for your oval face:  Data PointZen and Relaxation (pictured below), and Plumes of Perfection

Zen and Relaxation Earrings for Oval Face

RECTANGLE FACE: Your perfectly-shaped rectangle face needs a smaller, circular design.  Our picks add softness and circular charm to your defined angles. Check out the Office HoursSelfless (pictured below), and the Bubbly Personality earrings. 

Black Drop Earrings - 7 Charming Sisters

DIAMOND FACE: Talk about shinning bright like a diamnod!  Long, curved earrings will look best against your diamond shape. Look for earrings that are long, dangly, or hoop. Avoid any angular or diamond-shaped sets. Give our Feisty (pictured below), Polar Pomp and Circumstance, or All Eyes on Me earrings a try! 

Fiesty Earrings for Diamond face

SQUARE FACE: Natrually, you want to look for rounded deisgns. Long, sleek, and dangle earrings also look great against a square face. Stay away from wide and large drop earrings. Looking for the perfect match? We love the Disco Queen (pictured below), Captivating, and Eternity Hoop earrings. 

Gold fan earrings - 7 Charming Sisters