5 Ways to Accessorize for Halloween

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Dressing up for Halloween provides an opportunity to enjoy local events, parties and trick-or-treating with the whole family. While a costume creates a fun atmosphere, it is never complete without adding a few accessories and makeup to the ensemble. The key to the perfect costume is selecting jewelry that adds to the impact and creates a bold statement about the costume. Here are five fabulous ways to accessorize for Halloween.

Halloween-Specific Jewelry

During Halloween, a simple way to enjoy the holiday and the days before the actual event is wearing fashion jewelry or statement pieces that relate to the holiday. Wear earrings with pumpkin designs, fun spider webs or even just a simple cross necklace that works well with a vampire or werewolf costume. Opt for jewelry that relates to the costume or add an unexpected flare to the outfit with a beautiful statement piece that draws the eyes to a specific point on the costume.

Jewelry designed for the holiday or that directly relates to the costume ensures that the outfit looks amazing and has something special that stands out from the crowd. Halloween specific jewelry refers to any type of jewelry that directly relates to the events or the holiday. For example, spider-web earrings, a necklace with a jack-o-lantern or jewelry that has Halloween-themed designs.

Enhance the Costume

Accessories and jewelry can enhance or even make the costume by adding to the basic outfit. For example, wearing a headpiece or a tiara makes a simple dress into a princess or queen costume.

Enhancing a costume alters the outfit by adding an accessory that sets it apart. Ways to enhance a costume with fashion jewelry ultimately depends on the costume and the impact that an individual plans to make. For example, dressing up as a zombie bride provides the perfect chance to wear a large fashion ring or a bold blue necklace that brings to mind the traditional wedding. When combined with the zombie makeup and a slightly torn up dress, the costume looks genuine and unexpected.

Dress up a simple pumpkin or jack-o-lantern costume by wearing orange earrings or an orange bracelet (All Hallow's Eve earrings pictured below).

Orange Halloween Earrings

Create the perfect princess or queen with a jewelry set and a matching tiara or crown. Wear a gothic-style necklace and earrings for a vampire, werewolf or even a witch (Gothic Diva necklace pictured below). Use creativity to select jewelry that specifically improves a costume and makes it stand out from similar costume ideas.

Crystal Bib Necklace

Fashion jewelry offers a variety of tools to enhance and improve your costume. Take advantage of your fashion jewelry to improve the look of a costume or to turn a simple outfit into something unexpected and new. Your jewelry changes the outfit into a costume, particularly when you add a little makeup and ensure that the jewelry relates to the type of costume you want to create.

Work with Other Accessories

During Halloween, jewelry improves the appearance of a costume, but it does not stand alone. Using jewelry with other accessories like studded belts, cat ears and a tail or similar items ensures that the costume appears genuine and interesting.

Adding jewelry to other accessories ultimately depends on the costume, but it does help draw the eyes to a particular area. For example, wear cat ears and add triangle earrings to the cat ears to improve the appearance of the costume and draw the eyes up toward the cat ears (Vouge earrings pictured below). Opt for simple jewelry enhancements when using it with other accessories to ensure that it helps draw the eyes instead of taking over the accessory. 

Black Triangle Earrings

Wear anklets as a simple way to draw the eyes toward the feet or a pair of unexpected shoes that improve the costume. For example, wear anklets to draw the eyes to a pair of witch shoes or a red pair of "ruby" slippers. Opt for something fun and unexpected that further improves accessories and the costume.

Make It Bold

Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with bold colors and designs, particularly in the days leading up to the holiday and any upcoming parties or events. Bold fashion jewelry creates an unexpected pop of color or a design that draws the eyes to a particular area of the body. Take advantage of the holiday to enjoy a fun experiment with jewelry and different designs.

Opt for bold or unexpected jewelry choices, even if it does not directly relate to the holiday. For example, wear a pair of orange earrings or a bold orange necklace that seems reminiscent of pumpkins and other holiday-related colors without actually having images of a jack-o-lantern or pumpkin. Select colors that relate to the holiday as a method of enjoying events at work, school or in the local community without actually wearing a costume.

Enjoy the Holiday

Bold fashion jewelry or jewelry that relates to Halloween offers the chance to explore different styles and interests without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. Even if the jewelry does not work well with a particular style of clothing, it does not mean that an individual cannot enjoy the opportunity to try out new styles and options.

Enjoy the holiday as a chance to explore personal style choices and different jewelry options. Try out different looks, colors or even types of jewelry by adding to current outfits and style options. Halloween is a time to enjoy dressing up as a princess, an animal or a creature out of a movie, so take advantage of the different options available throughout the holiday. Use the holiday as a chance to enjoy a new style without making any permanent changes until you feel comfortable with the look.

Halloween is a celebration of the unexplained mysteries of the world and the stories that stem from dark nights and the imagination. It is a time to explore personal creativity and try out a few new looks and styles. Enjoy the change to explore different jewelry options by enhancing a costume, wearing Halloween themed jewelry or even just trying out bold fashion jewelry. The holiday provides the perfect opportunity to have fun with your jewelry and accessories.