Avoid the Pitfalls of Over Accessorizing

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Creating the perfect outfit requires the right accessories, including the right jewelry. The problem with creating the perfect look is determining when you have the right amount of jewelry and when you must remove an item to get an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The goal of accessorizing your outfit is creating a balanced appearance without distracting from your personal style.

What is Over-Accessorizing?

Avoid over accessories - 7 Charming Sisters

Accessories refer to any item that adds to an outfit and changes the appearance of your overall look. In general, it refers to the jewelry you add to your outfit, but it can also refer to your belt, purse or even a scarf. 

Over-accessorizing means the outfit has too many accessories and it no longer looks balanced or attractive. For example, it might refer to wearing several necklaces or several rings in a way that distracts from your style or outfit. Alternatively, it might refer to wearing bold items in a way that distracts from your style or clashes with your outfit.

Using Care When Selecting Items
Wear accessories CarefullyNever accessorize an outfit without carefully evaluating the design of your clothing. Pay attention to the cut and pattern of your outfit. A beautiful and bold necklace looks amazing with a casual outfit or a simple outfit, but it clashes with a bold design or pattern. 
When wearing a shirt with a bold cut or a bold pattern, opt for simple accessories. For example, wear a pair of stud earrings and avoid a necklace that might clash with the pattern of the shirt. By selecting items with care, it avoids a cluttered and over-accessorized appearance.

Keep it Simple
When in doubt, keep it simple and remove the excess jewelry. Never wear multiple necklaces or multiple bold accessories at the same time. Even if it seems that a long string of beads will look amazing with a shorter string of beads, it actually distracts from the style of your outfit, particularly if you add bangle bracelets, large earrings and multiple rings to the mix. 

For a simple way to avoid over-accessorizing, focus on a "less is more" style. Select only one item for each area of the body. For example, wear one ring with a single necklace

and stud earrings.  Wear Simple Jewelry - 7 Charming Sisters

Maintain a Balanced Design
Balance is the key to accessories. A balanced appearance means that you do not end up appearing top-heavy or excessively accessorized. If you select a bold necklace, then avoid earrings or opt for a simple and classic earring style. Alternatively, if you wear bold earrings, then avoid wearing a necklace. Opt for a ring or a bracelet if you want more than one accessory for your style.

Remove One Item
When you have any doubts about the number of accessories, remove an item. For example, if you have any concerns about the way the earrings look with the necklace, then remove one of the pieces of jewelry. Take off one accessory before leaving the house to take a "less is more" approach to your accessories. Pay particular attention to the number of accessories when you wear a bold pattern on your shirt.

Creating the perfect look starts with your foundation and the style that you prefer. By limiting your accessories and using caution when creating a mix-and-match style, you improve the way that your accessories and your outfit look. Enjoy accessories, but set limits on the number of items so that you create a focal point and make a subtle statement with your jewelry.