Safari Style in the City

Posted by:7 Charming Sisters
Category: Fashion & Jewelry

safari styleSummer in the city? Face it, it's a jungle out there. Tropical heat and noisy "wildlife"? Don't fight it, embrace it with these four stylish looks. We've combined safari style and tribal accents with clean lines and modern styling, so you'll be ready to explore the wilderness and look great doing it. 

When wandering through the jungle, there's nothing more exciting than seeing a sudden pop of color. Is that an exotic bird? A rare orchid? Be the pop of color as you walk down the street by choosing bold primary colors. Combine it with our Sacred Ground Necklace. This copper and turquoise tribal bib necklace is the perfect combination of bohemian style and classic design.

Throwing on a tailored blazer is the perfect way to nail the professional look instantly. But professional doesn't need to mean blah. Pair the blazer with our Jakarta Necklace, the naturalness of our titanium stone statement necklace says earth goddess. Layer with our Good for the Soul Necklace in matching lapis lazuli blue. The long genuine stone tassel necklace has a metallic fringe that lets people know that even when you're all business, you always know how to get down.

City dwellers tend to get a bad rap for wearing neutral colors, and only choosing one of them. There's nothing wrong with picking year round black every day or sticking to summer whites. But add a flair to monochromatic styling by putting on our Wholesome Hottie Necklace. This gold and crystal coin bib necklace combines cascading chandeliers with exotic imitation coins and beads. Who says neutrals are boring? No one, when you let this stunning statement piece do all the talking.

Civilization meets the wild when you pair an animal print with the geometric design of our Golden Gypsy Necklace. This chunky gold fringe necklace combines gold plated metal ball and bar pendants to create a tribal look. You are one with the leopardess stalking through her domain, even as you make your way through the land of skyscrapers and office buildings.CONCRETEJUNGLE_row2.jpg
When you're spending your summer running around the city, bring the feeling of exotic places to you and those around you by choosing great statement pieces.