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Guest Post: The Girl Next Door Meets the Stylings of the Boho Babe


We’re thrilled to have our stylish fashion blogger friend, Vivian of on the blog today showing us how to best wear the perfect balance between subtle sweet and boho chic — a match made in fashion heaven. She showcases her outfit of the day complete with must-have items from Kimberly’s Girl Next Door jewelry collection. Take it away Vivi! 

Simple Bohemian Styles and JewelryThe girl next door is a natural beauty, unassuming, helpful, kind and friendly. She’s a confident woman that draws you in like the tide with her energy that’s calm in rough waters. There’s something mystical about her, in her style’s simplicity lies an irresistible charm. No wonder the girl next door look is the latest must-have in fashion. From Friends' Rachel Green to Rory of the Gilmore Girls, I will with confidence say that pretty much all of us have had a girl next door phase one time or another.

Like the Rachel Green haircut per se — I know I made quite a few trips to the hairdresser's to get that perfectly sweet, layered lob and even bought dungarees just because Joey Potter from Dawson's Creek made them look so good I needed to sport a pair — STAT.  Now quickly approaching 30, I don't quite feel like I could pull off dungarees and a daisy patterned top, but I still love how beautifully simple and charming this look is — so I gave it a whirl.

I put my own spin and styled a girl next door meets boho babe look, accessorizing it with two FAB pieces from the 7 Charming Sisters’ collection by Kimberly, which incidentally is called The Girl Next Door. 

Now, these styles are two peas in a pods — both advocates of peace and kindness, both freedom oriented and effortless — what's not to like, amiright Kimberly has really taken a boho spin on the collection, you can find minimalist pieces with a bohemian vibe or full on boho chic fabulousness with beaded necklaces, tassels, stars, moons, tribal vibes and a bucket of sunshine! 

This collection will take you from day-to-night, whether you like simple and delicate jewelry or statement pieces, if those rock your boat — Kimberly has your back. So without further ado, take a look at my boho babe next door fusion outfit. 

Boho Style Fashion and Jewelry for Summer

I decided that a light blue, oversized boyfriend style shirt is a perfect canvas for this look — simple, classic and so next door. I was going for that effortlessly charming look, when you get up to make some Sunday morning coffee and casually throw on your husband's shirt.   Considering I wanted to add a boho factor, I tied up the shirt into a front knot, added classic blue skinny jeans with slightly distressed knees, a pair of golden sandals and of course, the delicate, Wanderlust Necklace layered long necklace from Kimberly's collection. It was just the right amount of "girl" mixed with the right amount of boho.

Summer Fashion Boho Jewelry

I also love the beautiful Crystal Campground Ring, with you guessed it — just the right amount of “statement.” Delicate yet eye catching, this ring is goals. I love it so much I actually sleep in it. I'm like that with my jewelry — emotionally attached. 

Rings For Summer-Vibe

To top off the look, I went with long braids, which in my book are both girl next door AND boho babe — perfect fusion.  My fiancé was the one photographing this look and we were both quite surprised at the amount of attention it got — literally, a head-turning ensemble. This unexpected style combination teeters on the brink of next door and Coachella, where the fashion magic happens. This magic my friends, is exactly what Kimberly has captured in her bohemian-inspired collection. 

Bohemian-Inspired Collection

If you’d like to see a full on bohemian look to go with your 7 Charming Sisters’ jewelry, head over to my Ultimate Boho Guide, where you I will show you exactly how to rock a head-to-toe boho chic ootd, even if you’re on a tight budget! 


Vivian x