Top 5 Geometric Jewelry Trends for Fall

Posted by:7 Charming Sisters
Category: Fashion & Jewelry

Geometric Jewelry to Pair with Your FashionWearing a square doesn't make you one. Far from it! This season's jewelry is all about bold geometric shapes, so shape up with these geometric gems, and be ready to ship out for any adventure.Circular Earrings - 7 Charming Sisters

  1. You won't be going around in circles in our Spiral into Control Earrings. The concentric circles of gold and brushed silver create a sharp linear effect. These dropped earrings tell the world that you know how to make order from chaos, and can run circles around the competition.Triangular - The Catwalk Necklace
  2. Play all the angles with our The Catwalk Necklace. The geometric statement bib necklace in 10kt gold plating will leave you ready to be viewed from any angle.Squared - Past Your Bedtime Earrings
  3. We're always told that life's not fair, but our Past Your Bedtime Earrings have a different point of view. These decidedly modern square wires suspend a single bead. The lightweight geometric pearl drop earrings give permission to stay up way past your bedtime. If life isn't always fair and square, you might as well break the rules to your advantage. Circle and Rectangle - Bring the Fierce Necklace
  4. Come full circle with our Tribal-inspired Bring the Fierce Necklace, the gold geometric pendant necklace will have you standing tall while wearing this dynamic combo of circles and rectangles that also hints at the curve of a softer side within. You'll be ready to square the circle, and succeed.No Negotiations Necklace
  5. Everybody's got an angle, but make sure you get a square deal with our No Negotiations Necklace. This bold black and gold geometric bib necklace takes no prisoners; the ribbon and satin cord woven through layers of gold chain lets the world know you are a force to be reckoned with, while the geometric pendants with rhinestone accents will get you all that your heart is angling for.