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I always try to look good, and traveling is no different. When I was younger, I would pack ten outfits for a three-day trip in a suitcase that weighed over 50lbs. The airlines loved charging me those outrageous fees for checked baggage. Now, my goal is to fit everything in my carry on luggage, this means I need to carefully consider what goes into my suitcase so that I can save space and still stay stylish when traveling.

Tip #1
"When in doubt always pack a little black dress." I hoard black everything! I make sure to always pack a black dress that is wrinkle free and can be worn for any occasion. I look for a nice fitted material that I can wear out during the day with a cute jacket (leather, I like leather), out to dinner or drinks, maybe to a show with some jewelry. Don't forget to rock a bold lip, this always makes me feel so put together, super stylish and sexy!


Tip #2
Plan. Plan. Plan. Plan your outfits in advance! I always plan my outfits in advance and bring a few extra pair of underwear. :) I only pack the basics, this keeps me from overpacking and from packing a different outfit for each activity. My favorite outfit when traveling is a romper, hands down! Rompers are lightweight, don't take much space in the suitcase and most importantly can be layered. The daytime romper that you wore to tour the city with a cute sweater now turns into your sexy out on the town outfit! Let's face it we all pack leggings, me included. Leggings don't need to look a hot mess if you dress them up with a casual sweater, throw on some cute boots and depending on the mood an over the top statement necklace. Yes, Yes, that's me all day... I love a necklace that makes everyone stop and stare.

Tip #3
Your no-fail flight outfit does not need to consist of leggings or sweatpants, really... it doesn't. There are many ways to be comfortable and look good without sacrificing your appearance. Wear a comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans, a cute baby-tee and bring a light jacket because we all know those friggin' flights are cold as hell.

Tip #4
Don't pack 10 pairs of shoes *Crazy face emoji* - You don't need all those shoes to look amazing every day. Bring two or three pairs of shoes that go with every outfit in neutral colors. I love to travel with one pair of boots (combat style), a pair of nice heels or wedges and something casual. Ladies, we all love shoes but leave those bad boys in the closet when you travel!

Keep it cute, comfortable and casual. Safe Travels!


About the Author: Jennifer is one of the 7 Charming Sisters. She is the ‘Fashionista’ sister and is in tune with all things trendy. She lives in Virginia with her husband, three wonderful kids, and spunky rottweiler and enjoys all things fashion, spending quality time with her family and shopping, of course!



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