How to Mix Different Jewelry Metals

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Ever find yourself putting on a necklace only to sit there wondering if it goes with your wedding band or those rose gold bracelets you’ve been dying to stack? Trust us, we’ve been there! Ladies, the days of matching metals is GONE and we couldn’t be happier.

Mixing metals is super trendy but also makes shopping for jewelry and accessorizing a hell of a lot easier! Here are some super simple tips to help you upgrade your jewelry game to the majors.

1. Overlook That Platinum Engagement Ring. When it comes to permanent jewelry like wedding bands and engagement rings, it’s best to simply overlook them and accessorize like it’s not there. We know that might be a bit challenging since they’ve been on your finger for who knows how long!

2. Wear Two-Toned Pieces. There are two ways to do this: If you feel like flirting with fashion, wear your two-toned jewelry with other two-toned jewelry. If you’re a bit hesitant, keep it simple by pairing accessories that are only gold and silver to go with your two-toned piece.

 Two-toned Jewelry

3. A Third Color into The Combo. Introduce a third color that complements your specific jewelry pieces as well as your outfit. We love mixing gold, rose gold and silver together. But other tones like gunmetal or even black can go with your more dramatic ensembles.

Mix Up Jewelry Color

4. Create a Layered Look. Stacking mixed metals in one place makes it look intentional and not like you got dressed in the dark. Pick your favorite statement piece and pile on the opposite color. For example, if you’re wearing a gold statement necklace, make sure to pile on some silver bracelets.

Layered Jewelry - 7 Charming Sisters

5. Wear Similar Textured Metals Together. Create a sultry combo that will make it easier to mix and match different metal colors without being a hodgepodge of competing contrasts. You can’t go wrong with wearing our Two To Tango Necklace in rose gold, silver, and gold!

Two To Tango Necklace


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