Color Wheel Magic: How to Color Block Like a Pro

Posted by:7 Charming Sisters
Category: Jewelry Terms

Use the Color Wheel to Color Block like a Pro!As your wardrobe transitions from summer to fall, who says your bright accessories can’t transition with you? It is the perfect time to experiment with unique color pairings that mix cool- and warm-tones as the temperatures drop. We’ve rounded up our 5 favorite geometric jewels from our Fashion Squared Collection along with complementary colors for a bold statement with an edge. Use our color wheel infographic to color block like a pro!

Different Types of Pairing Necklaces

Color Combination 1: Navy Blue and Peach

Classic navy blue pairs perfectly with shades of peach, and the Jessica Necklace is a great versatile addition to your wardrobe. This short-line blue triangle statement necklace, featuring a gold plated book end chain and high-polish triangle pendants, is chic with an edge.

Color Combination 2: Hot Pink and Green

If you consider yourself a girly-girl, look no further than our hot pink Rodeo Drive Necklace. Our ultra-feminine pink geometric stone bib necklace with a complementing gold plated chain pairs perfectly with shades of green. From lime green to mint green, try this super fun combination for a bold and playful vibe.

Color Combination 3: Orange and Sky Blue

The Force is With you Necklace is a playful geometric necklace with orange and bronze pointed crystal bib necklace has sharp lines and style--the ultimate power statement necklace. And we love this paired with shades of blue. Whether its a denim chambray top or sky blue dress, we think this combination is perfect for the season.

Color Combination 4: Yellow and Violet

Yellow and violet is a classic complementary combination, and what better way to try out this pairing than with our Sunny Disposition Earrings. These gold and yellow geometric earrings are simply radiant, and would look lovely in any shade of purple.

Color Combination 5: Turquoise and Red

Turquoise takes a totally different vibe when paired with shades of pink and red. Our Point of New Return Bracelet is a bohemian Turquoise and gold bangle bracelet that is a mix of earthiness and glam with a rhinestone detail surrounding the geometric stone pendants.