Know Your Jewelry Terms: Part III

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Creating an image that addresses personal style preferences and makes a statement begins with the design and the style of fashion jewelry. By recognizing terminology that relates to different items of jewelry, you select the right jewelry to create the image and style you prefer.

Cigar Style Inspire JewelryCigar Band Style
A cigar band style refers to any jewelry that uses a cigar band as inspiration for a design. Usually, it refers to a ring made of various metals that show different cigar band designs. In some cases, the design looks simple and elegant while other designs look more complex and creative.

Lariat jewelry refers to a design that looks similar to a rope or lasso. It usually has an end that looks tied off with a braided or corded center. In fashion jewelry, it usually creates a necklace design with the tied off side forming a simple pendant or center.

Figaro Link
A figaro link chain refers to a type of chain used in bracelets and necklaces. It usually uses two or three small circular links and one longer oval link to create an interesting and simple chain design.

Herringbone Chain
Herringbone chains refer to a type of necklace or bracelet chain that uses a V shaped design to create a beautiful esthetic appearance. Although the simple design usually stands alone in a chain, it can also create a twisted or braided appearance that further enhances the beauty of the necklace or bracelet. Usually, the chain sits flat against the skin.

Bevel or Beveled Design
Beveled jewelry refers to the cut of the jewelry or design rather than the chain or finish of the design. Generally, it means that the jewelry has a cut with an angle that is less than 90 degrees. In most cases, it refers to a cut into the metal of a ring or bracelet, but the cut can apply to any fashion jewelry.

Brushed FinishBrushed Finish Jewelry
A brushed finish refers to the way the metal of fashion jewelry appears after completing the design. It is sometimes called a dull polish because it uses a single direction to polish the jewelry. It is usually used for steel and nickel rather than gold or silver.

Cubic Zirconia
Cubic zirconia refers to an artificially made stone that looks similar to a diamond. As a synthetic stone, it does not have the same properties as a diamond. While it has a heavier weight when compared to a diamond of a similar size, it does not meet the same hardness standards. It also has an appearance of perfection without the flaws found in naturally occurring stones. It is generally a diamond substitute to help reduce the cost of fashion jewelry without giving up the beauty of the design.


Fashion jewelry does not always use cut stones to create a beautiful appearance. A cabochon refers to any stone in a necklace, bracelet or earrings that was polished, but not cut. Essentially, it creates a natural appearance that does not hide any flaws or interesting features. Stones like amber often use a cabochon that simply polishes the material without cutting into it so that it shows any stamped-in designs or captured materials in the fossil. 


Creating bold and beautiful fashion jewelry often requires the use of unexpected stones and design options. A carnelian is a type of red or orange stone often used in fashion jewelry to create an impact and statement. As a brilliant color, it catches the eyes quickly. It is a type of quartz or crystal that creates a bold style.

925 Sterling

Selecting silver jewelry requires the right type of material and information. A 925 sterling item means that the primary metal used for the chain or jewelry is sterling silver rather than nickel or other metals. The majority of the metal is silver. It is also listed as .925 sterling. It usually means that roughly 92.5 percent of the metal in the jewelry is silver and only small amounts of other metals help stabilize the strength of the necklace, ring or earrings.

A facet in fashion jewelry, or any jewelry, refers to the flat or polished surface of a gem. While most cases refer to jewelry with facets cut into a gemstone, it can also refer to naturally occurring flat surfaces on a stone placed in a piece of jewelry. Most jewelry has one or more facets that create the final impact. 

Diamond Cut
Creating a beautiful design or piece of jewelry often requires a specific cut to the gemstone or stone. A diamond cut refers to the traditional way that jewelers cut diamonds when putting the stone in a necklace, ring or other piece of jewelry. It usually refers to a method of cutting the stone to reflect light. Usually, it means that a single large stone is cut into a symmetrical shape that tapers into a smaller point near the bottom and a larger design near the top. The cut means that the light reflects from the stone in the same way light reflects from a well-cut diamond.

Druze or DruzyDruzy Stone - 7 Charming Sisters
Beautiful fashion jewelry often uses unexpected stones and designs to create an amazing item. Druze or druzy jewelry refers to any jewelry that uses a geological stone that has multiple tiny crystals over a type of mineral. It is available in several different colors due to the minerals and crystals that create the unexpected design elements. Due to the large number of crystals, druzy jewelry reflects light in a way that seems similar to more expensive gemstones; however, the mineral base ensures that the jewelry is stronger than it appears. 

Stunning jewelry that creates a statement requires the right materials and design elements. By using a combination of different cuts, chains and gems, an individual creates an unexpected and stunning accessory that matches a personal style. The best jewelry depends on the way that materials combine to create a statement piece, a stunning design or a simple impact that suits most fashion styles.