What is Druzy?

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Druzy stones, also sometimes spelled druzzy, are stones that have tiny, glittering crystals that have naturally formed on top of the base mineral. While beautiful all on their own, these stones are an outstanding choice for jewelry too.

One huge benefit of druzy stones is that they have all of the sparkle and glamor of a large, high-quality gemstone, but because they do not have the large facets, they are not as expensive. The low cost allows nearly anyone to add a lot of sparkle, shine and a high-end look to their wardrobe—without a considerable investment.

Many druzy stones are some type of quartz; however, this is not always the case. Druzy can refer to nearly any type of mineral found in a plate-like form including garnets and malachite. Druzy comes in many colors, mainly in the red, yellow and brown families, though gray, orange, pink and purple are not uncommon. Even though the tiny crystals that form on the base mineral seem delicate, the stone itself is quite durable, so these pieces can be an excellent choice for those who are worried about damaging a precious piece of jewelry.

Natural Form of Druzy Stones

Because druzy stones are so bold and eye-catching, they are often chosen for large pendants and other signature pieces. Druzy is extraordinarily popular right now because the stones look expensive and high-end, but because they are not difficult to procure and are easy to work with from an artisan's point-of-view. Because of this, you have many excellent options when it comes to choosing druzy jewelry.

We’ve put together a list of “must have” druzy pieces (and a couple of others that offer that druzy-style glitz through the use of Swarovski crystals) available here at 7 Charming Sisters. Our stylists are sure you will love the stones as much as we do.

Organic Glitz Necklace – The Organic Glitz Necklace pairs druzy stones with gold to create a piece that is big, bold and beautiful. The sparkle is amazingly eye-catching and perfectly balanced with simple gold elements and a black nylon necklace. While this is glitzy enough for a night on the town, it can be paired down to work well for a day at the office too.

Organic Glitz Necklace pair Druzy StonesBlack Diamonds are Forever Necklace – Three druzy stones are the centerpiece of this necklace, but the gray metal chain is simply elegant too. If you always thought diamonds were your best friend, you may be changing your tune after you get a chance to see how much sparkle you can get from the druzy stones in the Black Diamonds are Forever Necklace.

Black Druzy Stone necklace - 7 Charming SistersOne in a Million Ring – Peacock and black crystals cover the surface of this massive cocktail ring. Available in three sizes, this piece perfectly pairs with a necklace of the same name. Although it is not a druzy stone, the One in a Million Ring offers the same large sparkle surface that brings to mind the style.

Blue Crystal Cocktail RingRock Hard Earrings – Another druzy-style piece you are sure to love are 7 Sister’s Rock Hard Earrings. The faux stone is created in the druzy style to pump up the sparkle and help you look your best every time you put them on and go out the door. If you don’t love compliments, you may want to avoid these! However, for everyone else, the Rock Hard Earrings make a stunning addition to a jewelry wardrobe.

Rock Hard Earrings With Crystal and Gold DruzyWhile druzy stones are nothing new, the trend is on the rise. Now is the time to check out what’s available and build up your wardrobe with these high fashion basics. Check out these offerings at 7 Charming Sisters and discover why everyone is crazy about druzy!